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Trump grade

Has Trump made America great again?
Let’s take a look at America and see if Trump has made America “great again”

The good:
• 5,613,000 million jobs created
• Unemployment rate 3.7%
• Economic growth 3.1%
• S&P 500 up 32.5%
• Almost half a million manufacturing jobs
• Bought lots of new military equipment
• 80% increase in border apprehension
• Paychecks increasing faster than prices
• Oil production massive increase
• Coal jobs are back
• Brought patriotism back to America
• Cut regulations

The Bad
• Jobs numbers were over-estimated for 2018
• Workforce participation is relatively the same as it was under Obama
• Allowed the budget to sky rocket
• US manufacturing activity recently sank to its lowest level since 2009 (Trade war effects)
• Failed to cut funding for sanctuary cities
• Half of Americans are living paycheck to paycheck
• Half of American have no savings I understand Trump is not responsible for people not saving, but Trump is a “low interest rate guy” but this means he is subsidizing consumption instead of savings. Sustainable growth is based on savings.
• Trump’s economy needs lower interest rates and more quantitative easing to survive meaning the Trump economy is not as strong as he thinks. The federal reserve printed an extra 160ish billion dollars last week.

In conclusion I would say Trump did make America better, and helped the economy by bringing money and jobs into the economy, but Trump is setting up America for bigger economic downturn by not addressing fundamental problems and inflating the bubble.
I give him a C+ out of a possible A+ mark.

What grade do you give Trump?

Also I found an interesting Chart, vaping could cost Trump the election.

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