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Truth about Trump, Biden and Ukraine!


I'm no fan of Glenn Beck, but this video is the most simplest way to convey the complex, corrupt Biden/Ukraine situation. This video goes into explicit detail on how Joe Biden and his son Hunter are wrapped in a criminal situation in the Ukraine. Because the weaponized fake-news media refuse to properly inform the public and are nothing more than a propaganda wing for the Anti-American Democrat Party, they are spreading narrative that are based on Democrat talking points.

Joe Biden, who oversaw Ukraine after the Russian takeover of Crimea, used his position as Vice President to funneled taxpayer ($1.6 Billion) money to his son and his company. This is why Hunter was being investigated in the Ukraine until his corrupt father Joe "quid-pro-quo" the Ukraine government to fire the prosecutor investigating Hunter.

People need to wake up, the Democrats are a international criminal organization. Notice how the "Clinton Foundation's" extravagant donations dried up once Bill and/or Hillary Clinton had no more political influence after 2016? Democrats have been selling out the country for their own benefit since Bill Clinton was President.

Here's a piece about Hunter Biden dealings with China. Hunter inks a $1 billion dollar deal just ten days after Joe Biden visits China. Why isn't the "fake news" media giving the REAL corrupted facts about Joe and Hunter Biden? As President Trump has always said, "This game is rigged!"

Washington D.C. is nothing more than a criminal organization!

I'm starting to think that the Democrats initiated this "inquiry into impeachment" to accomplish 2 things. First, to make the Democrats appear as if they're trying to remove Trump to appease their growing lunatic Progressive base. Second, the Democrats chose this Ukraine  "whistle-blower" issue to purposely put Joe Biden and his dealings with the Ukraine out for public scrutiny. I believe the Democrats are using this impeachment inquiry not only to go after Trump, they're using it to take out Joe Biden from the Democrat 2020 Presidential race. Seriously, why use this issue as the basis for the impeachment inquiry?

Here's the "New Yorker" piece highlighting Joe and Hunter Biden with the Ukraine. Its an extensive article going over the facts as it relates to the Bidens and Ukraine. This article should be spread around the Internet like wildfire, for the Fake News media refuses to cover it! Expose the corruption of Joe Biden!

Here's a timeline of Hunter Biden's history of using father-Joe's influence and daddy's political office to fleece money off of countries. This is an extensive timeline showing the unethical and/or criminality of Joe and Hunter Biden.

P.S. This thread is a useful link to those who need the facts about the corruption and criminality of the Biden family. Please share!

Beck does a good job in this video also

Well, well, well... It looks like Nancy Pelosi's son (Paul Pelosi) was on the board of company called Viscoil and executive at its related company NRGLab, which DID ENERGY Business in UKRAINE. The company even did a promotion video with Nancy and Paul Pelosi in it!

If that wasn't damning enough, Adam Schiff is connected to the Ukraine via a fundraiser funded by Schiff himself and hosted at the home of a Ukrainian arms dealer (with heavy connections to George Soros) Igor Pasternak. Attached is the invitation to the Schiff-Ukraine fundraiser, a pic of Igor Paternak during one of his arms  deals (in places like Syria) and pic of Nancy Pelosi with Paternak during a fundraiser in D.C.

It seems like the Democrats have a lot to hide in the Ukraine. Hence, why you have this embarrassment of an "inquiry" into impeachment on President Trump. I've said this since the beginning, the Democrat party is a criminal organization. It's going to go all the way up to Obama! Please spread  this thread!

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More video evidence showing that Joe Biden is the most corrupt Vice President the United States ever had. It's over for Joe Biden's 2020 campaign.

Onwards and upwards my friends. As a great man said, "The question whether objective truth can be attributed to human thinking is not a question of theory but is a practical question." Trump projects his crimes unto others, Biden is just the latest scapegoat. Trump blames his supposedly perfect diplomacy with Ukraine on Rick Perry, a guy he's probably gonna fire anyway.

And in related news to Guiliani's interference in possible criminal cases, as seen in Ukraine,




Oh, and this just in on Guiliani: