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Where to Buy QTUM?

Anybody know some trustworthy, user-friendly crypto market sites that sells QTUM? I've heard of, but wasn't sure about it.


Thanks, fam




Don't do Livecoin it will rip you off

I bought ETH on coinbase then exchanged for QTUM using Atomic wallet and am now staking.

If you're in the US and are familiar with the cash app, you can buy crypto on there once you verify your ID. Then all it takes to get qtum is getting a free binance account and a local wallet, preferably the official qtum wallet so you can stake your QTUM to get more in the future.

If you're talking about with monetary currency I'm not sure where to recommend you go. I've used coinbase for that in the past, but there could be better options out there. I've heard of conventions where you can meet with people and transact for real currency too, but I don't know how common/scam-proof that is.

Alternatively, if you don't want to throw cash at it: You can mine a currency of your choice and transfer that onto an exchange like binance.

Either way, you can transfer any crypto of your choice (whether from a purchase or a product of your mining) from your wallet to some exchange, buy QTUM and then (sometimes for a fee) back into your personal wallet so you can stake. I've never staked mine because I only have 1 qtum living on an exchange somewhere, but I may look into this soon.

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Thanks, peeps for all the replies. I appreciate it. Cheers!

Great advice here, don't forget to STAKE!