Ghost.Report is the official social media/web presence of Ghost from “The Ghost Show” (formally True Capitalist Radio) on the Internet. Throughout his illustrious 15 year Internet broadcasting career, he has provided wealth generating financial opinion and controversially riveting political/social insight. Due to his fearless, thought provoking and verbally dangerous commentary, Ghost has been banned from numerous platforms and social media.

Moreover, because of his explicit verbal swagger and overwhelmingly masculine delivery, he has been plagued by many Internet troll terrorists and cyber vermin for over a decade. From the trolls constant cyber bullying and digital persecution of Ghost, they have forced themselves on Ghost’s broadcast like a floating nugget of excrement that refuses to be flushed. But through it all, Ghost has persevered amidst the all the unwarranted adversity, and has become the most infamous underground broadcaster on the Internet. A mere Internet search of phrases such as GhostPolitics, True Capitalist Radio, Radio Graffiti, Melting Pot of Friendship and other phases from the show yield thousands of results that one could get lost in for hundreds of hours of content.

Ghost continues to broadcast live Tues, Thur, Sat at 9:00pm CST and will continue to do so until he achieves his ultimate goal; winning the Golden Microphone for a lifetime achievement award for being the world champion of all of all broadcasters. Ghost thanks everyone for their support and their hate, for he is a melting pot of friendship!

Everything posted on this website comes directly from Ghost himself. Be sure to add to your Favorites and/or Bookmarks! Follow on Twitter (banned again).

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