Ghost’s Official Social Media Is

Since Twitter banned me for life because I created and used the term "poz-hole," I'm officially announcing my new social media outlet as Not only has Gab verified my account, but they have been very gracious in their acceptance of the True Capitalist Radio audience. So if you haven't gotten a free account with Gab, then … Continue reading Ghost’s Official Social Media Is

White Nationalism = Socialism

Why are Antifa and White Nationalists "fighting" each other when both sides want the same thing? Socialism! When confronted with this obvious contradiction, White Nationalists have created terminology in an attempt deflect this question; the "Horse Shoe Theory." Much like their favorite defense mechanism in debate, "the Jew;" the Horse Shoe theory provides enough rhetorical … Continue reading White Nationalism = Socialism


The Majority Of Crypto Investors Are Pussies!

It's become so predictable! Any bad news or slight sign of negativity, crypto investors run away like a wide-eyed "spectrum brat" scolded for their Autism. This is an unfortunate side-effect of a new form of economics birthed via technology. Nerds, dorks and socially warped neck beards comprise the majority of the cryptocurrency markets, bringing emotionally … Continue reading The Majority Of Crypto Investors Are Pussies!

What’s the value in Cryptocurrency? It’s the Technology Stupid!

Now that the crypto markets are beginning to recognize that there is a direct correlation between the circulating supply of a cryptocurrency and the price, investors are running to low circulated coins like candy. But the circulation should NEVER be the ONLY factor when investing in cryptocurrency. The most important, yet overlooked factor in crypto … Continue reading What’s the value in Cryptocurrency? It’s the Technology Stupid!

Ghost’s Crypto Hotline Is Now Open!

1-800-685-7914 - For all those who need info on crypto currency (digital wallets, mining, trading, etc), then call my hotline and connect with me personally to answer your questions. $3.99 a minute to connect to Ghost LIVE to answer your questions in detail! Please no trolling or pranking! Ghost

The Fall of Bitcoin…

Bitcoin was the first kid on the crypto block to introduce an alternative to fiat currency using an innovative technology called "Blockchain." But since its intro in 2009, many different alternative coins (alt-coins) have emerge which are not just currencies, but also have other blockchain applications which are integrated with cryptocurrencies. Now that crypto has … Continue reading The Fall of Bitcoin…

Wake up NOOBS! TRON & RIPPLE Will Never Hit $1000!

Ever since I started covering cryptocurrency on True Capitalist Radio, I've seen a plethora of different coins emerge. What's really disturbing are these cryptos with tens of billions in circulation, and the pumping of them from many different medias. The culmination of this combination has been billions of dollars of "dumb money" coming into the … Continue reading Wake up NOOBS! TRON & RIPPLE Will Never Hit $1000!

Grand Jury For Robert Mueller’s “Lapses in Judgement” Before 9-11?

Since former FBI director Robert Mueller is clearly politicizing his position as independent council to investigate this bogus Russia/Trump connection, its time to start asking serious questions that were too delicate to ask a decade ago. First and foremost, this subpoena issued by Mueller for Don Trump Jr because of a clear lapse in judgement … Continue reading Grand Jury For Robert Mueller’s “Lapses in Judgement” Before 9-11?