Cryptocurrency Wishing Well

Wishing Well

Very simple

Send crypto to any of the addresses below, close your eyes and make a wish. And watch all of your dreams come true.


Bitcoin:  13Rrv7wdcp2ZJsmjJS8GF9MDsFVArmS2AE

Ethereum:  0x845b2A52533320fcE17Eeb45523A9dD2d5064581

Ethereum Classic: 0x2cFE5C4BDb9B4Cde122Dfc20110cC6E7ADd5E8D8

Dash:  XrJznCuHahTyKKsr9GnWfjndMG573CMgAE

Litecoin:  LWAyVLgfyrejM3v5E8ZhMs9c1H9VNYxrgS

Zcash:  t1MDyHM1sVrHWCjjEv9oQ3NM4fDsMhgtcJL

42-coin: 4QqWpvJJRQ3hWmvdNXuceuRtWsRQqpgwYN

QTUM: QVsasSvEtfh3Nybmpiyphi8iLYqr5rYoXe


Only way to make something happen is to manifest it into reality. Good luck and thank you.