Cryptocurrency: A Genesis Mining Review

It's been over four months since I introduced the True Capitalist Radio audience to the service Genesis Mining as a third-party mining solution. Everyone I know who uses the service says it far exceeded their expectations. As for me personally, I love it! It gives me the ability to purchase a mining contract for 2 … Continue reading Cryptocurrency: A Genesis Mining Review


Ghost’s Inner Circle Crypto Millionaires?

The Inner Circle and myself have decided that 42-coin is on our radar and we want to own it all! We began acquiring it in huge blocks on the evening of June 13, 2017. As a result, the 42-coin market jumped up to $7 million a coin; making us official crypto-millionaires (for about an about an hour).  Since then it … Continue reading Ghost’s Inner Circle Crypto Millionaires?

What is 42-Coin? And is it a Good Cryptocurrency Investment?

In my quest to find great cryptocurrency investments, I've come across a very rare Altcoin; probably the rarest. 42-coin is a cryptocurrency that has only 42 coins (that's right) in total mined circulation. At first glance, it sounds ridiculous. But if one steps back from the bizarre originality of the coin, one can see the potential. … Continue reading What is 42-Coin? And is it a Good Cryptocurrency Investment?

Is EmerCoin the Future of Blockchain Technology?

While the Cryptocurrency world is occupied by the big names of Crytpo; Bitcoin, Ethereum, DASH, etc. I've been researching future long-term crypto plays in the lower priced Altcoins. One that has stood out as a diamond in the rough is Emercoin (EMC). The development team of this coin have gone way beyond cryptocurrency with their blockchain … Continue reading Is EmerCoin the Future of Blockchain Technology?