True Capitalist Radio Episode 571 – “Markets, Trump and Other Stuff”

Last night’s episode of “The Ghost Show” ended very abruptly because of the troll terrorists and cyber vermin nonstop trolling me while I was attempting to convey serious topics. I want to assure all those who donated videos that they will be played LIVE on the next show. I was just fed up last night because the GOP is in dire straits and the Democrats look like they’re going to win the 2022 midterms because of Trump.

After I ended “The Ghost Show” early, I went right to sleep and woke up early this morning. I was still so upset about last night, that I decided to an early morning episode of True Capitalist Radio. I attempted to convey some of the material that was meant for last night’s Ghost Show!

Below is Episode 571 of True Capitalist Radio!

After this TCR show, I felt a little better. And I feel like I’m going to do “The Ghost Show’ this Sunday on Labor Day Weekend but we shall see. I may do more of these spontaneous True Capitalist Radio morning shows so I can at least get to some the serious issues that must be discussed; only time will tell.

Anyway, I hope this Sunday’s “Ghost Show” is better then the piece of trash show last evening. I want to thank those who listened to the “True Capitalist Radio” show this morning, it literally made my day.



P.S. Cheers to the Inner Circle!

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