True Capitalist Radio Episode #569 – “Factors for Recession, Ukraine-Russia and the Russian Economy”

In this episode, Ghost discusses the pending recession and all the indicators showing that that a major economic contraction in the very near future. Ghost also highlights the Ukraine-Russia war, Joe Biden’s aggressive sabre rattling, Zelenskyy’s being a doomer and how neither side really wants the war to end. Ghost also illustrates how Russia is combating the West’s sanctions and how they took extreme economic steps to save the currency and economy.


  1. The bond market is flashing a warning sign a recession may be coming
  2. Fed needs to hike rates to at least 5% or risk bringing stagflation and recession on the US economy, Larry Summers says
  3. Anticipated aggressive rate hikes by Fed drive up recession concerns
  4. The housing market is still hot, but it may be poised for a cooldown
  5. Mortgage rates soar to almost 5 percent: How this impacts home buyers
  6. Housing: Rising mortgage rates will worsen market, home buyers feeling stress
  7. Why Are Grocery Prices Going Up?
  8. Canadian official knocks Biden, says asking Iran, Venezuela for oil is ‘absolutely senseless’
  9. Saudis May Hike Oil Price to Record as War Reroutes Flows
  10. Qatar went from being an outcast to being a Biden ally
  11. Qatar–Saudi Arabia diplomatic conflict
  12. Main Ukraine Exports
  13. Main Russia Exports
  14. Evergrande Probe Shows Seized $2.1 Billion Was Pledged Last Year
  15. China Evergrande to sell interest in Crystal City Project for $575 mln
  16. Why China Could Be Serious About a Property Tax Now
  17. Russia says phase 1 of military operation in Ukraine mostly complete
  18. US Troops Sit Around With WTF All Over Their Faces As Biden Almost Chokes On Pizza In Poland
  19. Biden tells US troops they’ll be in Ukraine in war gaffe
  20. Joe Biden ready to use nuclear weapons first in extreme circumstances
  21. Biden says of Putin: ‘For God’s sake, this man cannot remain in power’
  22. Kremlin Offers Muted Response to Biden’s Incendiary Remarks on Putin
  23. U.S. has no strategy of regime change in Russia, Blinken says
  24. Biden says he was ‘expressing my outrage’ but not making a policy change when he said Putin ‘cannot remain in power’
  25. Russia says it will sharply cut military activity near Kyiv, Chernihiv
  26. Zelensky says Ukraine prepared to discuss neutrality in peace talks
  27. U.S. believes Russia’s pullback near Kyiv is “repositioning,” not “withdrawal”
  28. Zelensky warns of World War III if Russia-Ukraine peace talks fail
  29. Ukraine appears to have begun shelling Russian territory
  30. Russia bombs Ukraine cities, despite pledge to pull back from Kyiv
  31. Biden Pledges Another $500 Million In Aid To Ukraine
  32. US aid to Ukraine: $13.6 billion approved following Russian bombardment marks sharp increase
  33. Russian economy spirals into deepening crisis as sanctions send people into panic
  34. Russia’s stock market reopens after month-long closure
  35. The Bank of Russia keeps the key rate at 20% p.a.
  36. Not just India & China, many European nations too
  37. Russia’s ruble rebound raises questions of sanctions’ impact
  38. All Russia’s big exports could soon be in roubles, Kremlin signals
  39. How Petrodollars Affect the U.S. Dollar
  40. Gold Dinar: the Real Reason Behind Gaddafi’s Murder
  41. Russia sets fixed gold price as it restarts official bullion purchases

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  1. great show ghostie, providing the sources has and the quickness to get down into the information was great.

    keep on making the show ghost! Can’t wait for the next one!

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