Twitter Censored Me For Calling Out Will Smith’s Black on Black Violence, And Calling Jada Pinket Smith a Ghetto THOT

I unfortunately have been censored on Twitter for giving my opinion on the Black on Black violence displayed at the Oscars by Will Smith on Chris Rock. In my opinion, the violent display during the Academy Awards is testament to the current State of Black America. And because I decided to Tweet about this social observation, Twitter decided to censor me for it. Below is the Tweet in question.

Literally 30 seconds after I Tweet this, the SJW’s at Twitter took down my Tweet and locked my account for 12 hours.


What’s concerning about this scenario is that Twitter is more concerned about protecting the feelings of Jada Pinket Smith, than allowing social discourse on the unprecedented violence displayed for the world live on TV. I targeted Jada Pinket Smith specifically, because I believe she has manipulated Will Smith from a young man who was a role model for Black America, into a violent wanna be gangster who thinks he has to “prove himself to her.”

Below is the clip of what led up to Will Smith breaching the Oscar stage and assaulting comedian Chris Rock. Notice how Smith initially laughs at the joke directed at Jada Pinket Smith, but then Jada gives a mean mug and looks at Will. What happens next speaks for itself.

What’s most shocking about this incident is the metamorphosis in Will Smith’s personality as he’s been married to Jada Pinket Smith. As mention in my censored Tweet, Will Smith used to pride himself on being a squeaky clean rapper in the early 90’s. Back then he credited his love for his grandmother for inspiring his clean image. Below is a video of how Will Smith “used to” portray his image.

How can a young Black man, who was raised to have some semblance of moral principle, morph into a ghetto-like thug as he grows older and mature? Jada Pinket Smith! Jada has been a half-pint, wanna be gangster hoodrat since the days of Tupac Shakur. As a matter of fact, she lived with Tupac during his “Thug Life” prime; Tupac even referred to Jada as “his heart.” Below is a clip of Tupac and Jada discussing their “relationship.”

So given this obvious “Thug Life” past of Jada, its fair to assume that her personality is that of one who appreciates violence, thuggery and the criminal mindset. And one thing consistent with women who embrace the traits mentioned previous, they are shameless game players and opportunists. Even the Gangster Rap website World Star Hip-Hop highlights vast amount the gold diggers, THOTS (that hoe over there) and chicken heads within the culture. Jada’s opportunism mixed with her mind playing games and ghetto mentality is what has brought Will Smith to the point of violence. Let’s just briefly glance and Will and Jada’s ghetto and bizarre relationship.

Will Smith met Jada on the set of the “Fresh Prince of Belaire” while she was married, and then they began dating in 1995. They were then married in 1997 and birthed their first child together (Jada already had a son named Trey) in 1998. But in 2011, allegations of Jada having an affair with Latin singer Marc Anthony began to surface; it was said Will caught Jada and Marc in the couple’s bed. By 2013 Jada admitted that they had a “open relationship” and talk about Will Smith like he was disposable road trash. By 2015, rumors of affairs and public statements had many believing that the couple was on the verge of a divorce; but the rumors were shot down by Jada. In a weird twist in 2017, Jada said during an interview that “she wished” her and Will were swingers; video below.

Then after the “swingers” comment by, Jada said in 2018 on a Podcast that Will and her don’t say they’re married anymore.  By 2020, Jada admitted that she had a relationship with R&B singer August Alsina during a time of supposed “separation.” August Alsina admitted during an interview that he “gave years of his life” to Jada in a romantic relationship with Will Smith’s blessing; video below.

As one can see from this very brief timeline of Will and Jada’s relationship, Jada has turned Will into the violent, wanna be Thug-Life gangster through her opportunism, ghetto appreciation and mind games. And because I made this observation known on Twitter, they have censored me because of my comments about Jada, as opposed to denouncing and/or censoring the violence of Will Smith.

I personally believe that the Oscars incident with Will Smith says more about the state of Black America than many people (including Twitter) would like to admit. Its says that with all the promotion of racial justice, all the Black Lives Matter pomp and all the pandering to urban demographics, the current state of Black America can corrupt a once moral and principled Black man like Smith into a violent, impulsive criminal. Unless Black folks become self aware of these social patterns within their culture, I believe violence at Oscars is just the tip of the iceberg.

6 thoughts on “Twitter Censored Me For Calling Out Will Smith’s Black on Black Violence, And Calling Jada Pinket Smith a Ghetto THOT

  1. It was staged you dingus, look at the hundreds of news articles and thousands of social media posts about it, theyve won and have been winning for ages, the world is stupid, covid, among all the other lies.

  2. Thank God, I refused to be watching any awards show on TV, since it’s full of actors/actresses who are incredibly fucking stupid, pussy whipped, cuckold connoisseur, pieces of road killing trash. Also, fuck you twitter for censored Ghost based on his truth statement and opinions in his POV, but nope you really done it this time, you Silicon Valley, leftist, democratic, shit heads.