Thunderdome Slots


This purchase is for an invite into the Thunderdome chatroom. This chatroom is the official private chatroom exclusive to fans of the “The Ghost Show,” “Baller Friday Show” and/or the “Spontaneous Sunday Show.”

As with any community, one runs the risk of not getting along with other person(s) in said community. There is a possibility, if there is a general consensus, you and/or others CAN be removed from the Thunderdome. To prevent this, here are the following things to consider prior to this purchase:

  1. There are No refunds, exchanges or chargebacks for this Thunderdome chatroom purchase (this is a digital product, all sales final).
  2. Don’t come in promoting any obsession with animations, children’s toys, furies, perverted sexual fetishes and/or other bizarre activities that could be viewed as abnormal and/or offensive to the general public.
  3. Don’t come into the chatroom using a name that can be Internet searched to find your personal info and/or past activities that could be abnormal and/or offensive to the general public.
  4. Don’t trust ANYONE in the Thunderdome chatroom with you personal info (real name, address, phone number, e-mail, etc).
  5. Enter the Thunderdome at your own risk!

With all that consider, its still a very fun, humorous and exciting chatroom that many have heard legendary stories from on the show.  Come kick it with us!