Baller Friday Movie: “Life Of Crime”

Happy Baller Friday to all the Capitalist throughout the world! This Baller Friday I bring to you not one, but two documentaries documenting life-long criminals and the culmination of their life of crime. These two movies document 10 years of the trials and tribulations of these subjects. Below is part 1 introducing the criminal subjects back 1989. Viewer discretion advised on these documentaries.


Part two brings you up to date with the two main characters from part 1 (Rob and Fred) in 1998. This movie shows attempts by the subjects to get out of a life of crime and the pitfalls of drug addiction. The reality of part 2 is hard hitting and shocking, so viewer discretion advised.

After seeing both of these documentaries, one can only look around and see how we got to the current state of America. I hope you enjoyed these documentaries. And Happy Baller Friday!