Dear President Trump: How To Combat The Russia Narrative

Mr. President,

There is a current psyop coup attempting to overthrow your authority that is comprised of the Political Class, the mainstream media and factions of the Deep State. This consortium of groups are attempting to reshape the perspective of the general America populous in an attempt to seed acceptance in the minds of the masses for your removal. You must use all form of mass communication to combat this message before they build a general consensus.

First thing you must do is to spin the Russia narrative around on this consortium. They have successfully created a bad image of Russia in the minds of the American masses. So use the mass mental momentum and turn it around against them. With the documentation of their own words, show how those conspiring against you are hypocrites, liars and traitors to the United States.

As of this morning, ex-CIA director Leon Panetta was on CNN pandering to the fake news that you released “Classified material to the Russians.” You should point out to the masses that Leon Panetta isn’t even loyal to America, and the proof is in this video below of him claiming that Congress is ceremonial and that Obama’s administration answered to NATO and/or the UN for military authority.


America wouldn’t be too happy if they knew this information. Moreover, Panetta said this to your now Attorney General Jeff Sessions with arrogance and hubris; which is how this consortium mentally operates. By showing America that the Deep State doesn’t work for the People and are acting for unknown international authorities, it discredits Deep State talking heads from getting on a Patriotic soapbox.

Combatting the Russia narrative is just as easy. Instead of trying to persuade Americans about Russia, use Russia’s bad image to your advantage. Pose the question to your critics, if Russia is so bad, then why did Barack Obama say this about Russia during the third Presidential debate against Mitt Romney in 2012?  Video below:

Now after listening to Obama let off a steaming pile of hypocrisy, what he described in this debate is the very foreign policy that your administration is currently embarking on. Amplifying this is crucial, for this will confuse the message being pounded in the brains of the masses by the mainstream media. If Russia is so bad, then what changed from 2012 to 2016?

Moreover, what did Barack Obama mean by this open mic caught statement to then Russian President Medvedev? Given the fact that this incident took place in 2012, could it be insight to why US/Russia relations went south? Not to mention that he was telling this message to Medvedev to give to Vladimir Putin. Video below:

I think you get the point Mr. President. There are countless documented pieces of evidences underscoring the hypocrisy, the lies and treason of these individuals. Now it’s up to you and your people to look for more documentation, compile it and properly deliver it to the masses in an easy to understand capacity. Use their own words against them to diminish any credibility they attempt to stand on.

Good luck Mr. Presdient, we’re still out here fighting cause God knows you are.


3 thoughts on “Dear President Trump: How To Combat The Russia Narrative

  1. Why should Trump do any of that work when he can make his enemies do it for him? All Trump has to do is tweet “Hillary wanted war with Russia over leaks and fake news lies about me? Strange!” In their blind idiocy the left with rush to refute him and inevitably end up having to report the truth again. Trump is the 5d underwater chess meme master, he’s survived being called a Nazi and a rapist. This shit is nothing.

  2. “It’s not that Russia is bad, it’s that the president lied about it.”

    ^ predictable leftist response to the response prescribed above. Regardless of whether it has any basis in reality whatsoever. I’m afraid you may be overestimating the intelligence of MSM watchers a tad, thinking they can be swayed by the president pointing out the left’s hypocrisy.

  3. It’s a about damn time that someone compiled an actual strategy to the end of combating this ridiculous, nonsensical propaganda piece that the mainstream media keeps trying to shove down our pie holes.

    I only hope that the president or someone in a capacity to utilize it takes heed to ghost’s mantra, and helps re-align the sheeples.