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I’ve gotten a lot of requests to bring back “mediashare” to the show’s text-to-speech options. The reason its been gone is because “Streamlabs” has a glitch in its system based on my very old YouTube account (I think I got it in 2008 when YouTube was NOT a part of Google). For some reason, my original “ghostpolitics” YouTube account is connected to two separate accounts. The first one is the account that has all my current YouTube subscribers; the second one is an account with ZERO subscribers.

Now for some reason, Streamlabs is now defaulting to the account with ZERO subscribers. So after tonight’s show (01-25-2019 between 8:00pm CST and 8:30pm CST) on the original channel, I will encourage listeners to subscribe to the new channel.

CLICK HERE FOR THE NEW “Back up” Channel of “The Ghost Show.”

Next week, we will try to conduct a show on the new channel so that the “mediashare” option will be available to those who’ve been requesting it. Sorry if this causes any confusion but this is currently the only way to bring back “mediashare.”

Thank you all for listening and your understanding.


4 thoughts on “Subscribe to “The Ghost Show” Backup YouTube Channel

  1. Greetings from Sweden Ghost!
    I just wanted to say I’m impressed by you sir.
    Every day I see the fucking snowflakes over here complain about being bullied, micro-agressions and all that nonesense.

    But a real capitalist with a pair of balls, how does he solve the problem of 11 years of cyber bullying?

    Genius Ghost!

    I’m going to watch the Baller Friday Show now on youtube.
    Have a good day!

  2. This video contains content from UMG, who has blocked it in your country on copyright grounds.

    I can’t tune in Live and only listen to the vods, can you sort us out?

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