The Ghost Show episode 15 – The Return of Mediashare: Big MISTAKE?

This past Baller Friday, we conducted “The Ghost Show” on the new “back-up channel” because of the listener demand for “mediashare.” Needless to say that episode 15 was an absolute cyber vermin disaster! I never got to do my show because these damn troll terrorists made a complete mockery of the broadcast. Have a look for yourself at the video below.

I want to apologize to the hundreds of thousands of serious listeners who listen for the financial insight and the political and social commentary. I know there is a void missing and I’m sorry. But as you all can see, I’m a victim of cyber-bullying by trolls who are using MY OWN SHOW against me.

I think I’m going to keep the “mediashare” option on Baller Fridays only exclusively on the “back-up channel.” Monday and Wednesday shows will ONLY have text-to-speech (TTS) on the “main channel.” Be sure to subscribe and hit the notification button on both channels so you can catch “The Ghost Show” LIVE!



3 thoughts on “The Ghost Show episode 15 – The Return of Mediashare: Big MISTAKE?

  1. just remove tts so you can do your show, leave the interaction to chat room shoutouts and radio graffiti. if you dont i dont think youll ever be able to do an actual show. please remove tts.

  2. remove tts already man, the “trolls” are not gonna quit. your show is a shadow of its former self. there are plenty of people who listen that want actual shows instead of the shit we got now. remove it or more and more people are gonna be leaving your show. please remove tts.

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