Joe Biden Admits Bribing Ukraine On Video

Since the Anti-American Democrats want to tear the country apart by bringing this bogus and illegal impeachment nonsense, its time to show an actual episode of “quid-pro-quo” and/or bribery. The Democrats are claiming that President Trump held U.S. tax money over the heads of the Ukrainian government to force the Ukraine to pursue an investigation into the Joe Biden’s son’s (Hunter) company; Burisma Holdings.

Lest we forget, Joe Biden was appointed by Obama as the “point-man” of the Ukraine a month after Russia annexed Crimea; it was said that NO American yielded more power over the Ukraine than Joe Biden. Joe Biden’s son Hunter was appointed to Ukraine’s largest energy company (Burisma) with no experience of any kind in the energy industry. The Ukraine government, in the midst of cracking down on corruption, sounded alarm bells about Joe and Hunter Biden’s dealing with the country.

Ukraine appointed a prosecutor (Viktor Shokin) to investigate the red-flags coming from Burisma and it’s links to the Bidens. As Shokin began investigating the corruption of the Bidens in the Ukraine, Joe Biden used his influence as Vice President to get Shokin fired; ending the investigations into the Bidens.

How did Joe Biden get Shokin fired? Below is a video of Joe Biden bragging about how he got Shokin removed (at 0:41).

You heard it right from Joe Biden’s mouth, he held $1 Billion of tax payer money over the heads of the Ukraine until they “fired the prosecutor” (Shokin) who was pursing a criminal investigation into his son’s compnay. Moreover, not long after Shokin was fired, “someone” tried to assassinate him. Coincidence?

So how can the Democrats pursue impeachment on Trump, when it seems “quid-pro-quo” and/or “bribery” is business as usual for the Democrats themselves. If Trump can be impeached over “hear-say,” how can Joe Biden run for President after he’s admitted on camera to a now supposed impeachable offense? In my opinion, the Democrat Party is a criminal organization that falsely projects its crime on others before they themselves can be implicated.

Not only should Joe Biden not be able to run for President in 2020, him and his son should be thrown in jail for the corrupt scheme they conducted on the Ukraine, and using U.S. tax payer dollars and political power to get away with their criminality.