Sunday Show Tomorrow at 9:00pmCST – 06.13.2021

Now I know many of you are going to be disappointed that I’m not doing a Saturday show, but I had no idea UFC was having a pretty bad ass card. So I will make it up this Sunday with a show at 9:00pm CST. Please don’t be too upset about this. Keep in mind, I’ve had to endure thunderstorm and blackouts for the past 2 weekends.

So I hope you all understand. Moreover, I’m banned from my Twitter for a few days because of the Tweet of a video of Bill Gates walking around with tits. Video below.

I don’t think it was the video though, I think it was because I called him a COVID19 mastermind. But that’s “Twitter” for you!

Please don’t give me crap for this, I will be on tomorrow (Sunday) at 9:00pm CST. Thank you very much for your understanding and enjoy your Saturday night.



P.S. Don’t be upset! oh, and the hot wing stain went away.

8 thoughts on “Sunday Show Tomorrow at 9:00pmCST – 06.13.2021

  1. Ghost loves blowing the show off for watching 2 men pound eachother til one can’t take it anymore. What a gay hambone.

  2. It’s Twitter not Titter. Their jannies delete too much shit and they should be exposed. There’s a grey see more replies button in active threads, but sometimes no posts pop up when you click it. Because there is a time delay between that button getting disabled and them deleting… It’s gotten really bad.