I May Take Some Time Off… I Don’t Know Yet!

Well it seems that my recent bad luck has continued. First DLive takes down my stream and disables the chatroom because some dumb bitch name Snickerpie. Then I’m stricken with two weekends of electrical blackouts because CPS energy is ran by Weezy from “The Jeffersons.” Then Twitter bans my account for a few days because of a facetious video I posted showing Bill Gates with tits. Now I have my StreamElements suspended because of a bunch of trolls complained about my show because we live in a pussy-whipped, safe-space, man-child, fruit-bowl society. The fact that pathetic piles of Human protoplasm now equate tattle telling with some level of achievement, only underscores how far down the tard-hole we have fallen.

Maybe this is a sign I should take an extended break? To be honest, why spend so much time, effort and energy when this is the culmination of it all. Unfortunately, even if I set-up a new TTS platform, all my overlays for the show were hosted on StreamElements (it made it easier to edit and integrate widgets). So I would need a few days to even create a new layout, integrate it into OBS and input the widgets (which have to be setup as well) for all alerts. Not sure what I’m going to do.

Whatever I do, I will let you all know in the next couple of days. I may dabble in pre-produced content and/or posting more stuff on ghost.report. As of right now, spending 10+ hours a show, being sleep deprived and taking all this dumb troll shit is not looking like something I want to deal with right now.

I will still be in the Inner Circle and Thunderdome chat. Not to sure if I’m going to keep up the forums, because just observing the elementary playground dialogue on them is demoralizing and embarrassing. We’ll see how I feel in a couple of days. Please check back here, I will keep everyone posted.



P.S. The irony of all streaming platforms (streaming and TTS) allowing softcore porn streamers to exploit and monetize sexuality, but a show hosted by an avatar with unedited audience participation is some how obscene and evil? What pussy-pampered society!

9 thoughts on “I May Take Some Time Off… I Don’t Know Yet!

  1. I am feeling your frustration, and pain, Ghost. Take the time off whenever ya need, and i am hopefully that you will be back stronger, and even more badass than these sorry pathetic man children who are always giving you and everyone else nothing but trouble in the future broadcasts. See ya later in the future, my man.

  2. Maybe if you stopped acting like a whining baby everytime your fat wife raises her voice, and maybe if you actually showed up when you were supposed to we wouldn’t have these problems.

  3. You do you Ghost. It gets harder by the day to host anything intersting on the net, but I hope you pop on by whenever something really interesting happens. Right now it seems like it’s the same shit different day. Just waiting for the big correction whatever it may be.

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