The Freedom Caucus Should Be Kicked Out of The GOP

It was a complicated 2022 midterm election for the GOP. It should have been a no-brainer “Red Wave” given the incompetence of a 2 year Democrat dominated government. Instead the GOP found itself fighting… ITSELF! It began with Donald Trump backing the biggest group of unvetted, politically ignorant candidates that have ever graced the national GOP stage.  As a result, the GOP barely scraped a thin majority in the House of Representatives and still failed to obtain the majority in the Senate (49 GOP, 49 Dems, VP Harris Senate tie breaker).

So what happened when the GOP majority took over the House? The “Freedom Caucus” poked its ugly head out from under a rock and displayed some of the most pathetic political theatre that makes a scatterbrained idiot like Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (AOC) look like lifetime MENSA member. These “Freedom Caucus” nothingburgers caused the longest vote for Speaker of the House in 100 years; making many voters regret voting for a Republican House majority within a week of taking power. Unfortunately, those within the “Freedom Caucus” have persuaded some on the Right that the opposition to Kevin McCarthy as House Speaker was based in some kind of political principle; this is absolutely not the case!

The political reality is that these 20 GOP “Freedom Caucus” House members were trying to extort everything they could from McCarthy. Why else do you think these supposed “principled Freedom Caucus” members miraculously changed their minds after the 15th vote? Let’s take the most vocal leaders of the “Freedom Caucus” opposition to McCarthy as an example; Matt Gaetz and Lauren Boebert.

Matt Gaetz was using his opposition to McCarthy as an opportunity to be given protection on some sex trafficking allegations against him that are being Federally investigated. These same allegations have already sent Gaetz’s friend to prison for 11 years. This is the reason Rep. Mike Rodgers almost attacked Gaetz on the House floor. Rogers had enough of Gaetz’s public grandstanding, when everyone in the House knows he’s doing this to save his hide (video below).

Conveniently sitting next to Matt Gaetz in this video is Lauren Boebert, who has been the second most vocal “Freedom Caucus” member against McCarthy as House speaker. She’s a national embarrassment who loves the TV cameras on her as often as possible to say some of the cringest, edgelord rhetoric. Boebert’s rhetoric almost stripped her of seats on committees she currently resides in (Committee on Natural Resources, Committee on Budget). And given her current insignificance politically, Boebert’s motive is plain and simple; committee appointments. Watch to see if this dunce gets to lead a committee, get more committee appointments and/or political clout.

Okay, in a pretend world, lets play the Freedom Caucus’s game and say no to McCarthy; who does the Freedom Caucus suggest as an alternative? Rep. Jim Jordan; who is nothing more then a committee blowhard who’s motive is to create sound bites to boost his political prominence. He’s done nothing more for the party. Moreover, Rep. Jordan has some disturbing allegations that have been levied against him. When Jordan was a wrestling coach at Ohio State University, the doctor for the OSU wrestling program was sexually abusing and molesting college wrestlers, and former wrestlers have claimed Jordan knew about it the whole time.

And to think that the previous is the so-called Freedom Caucus leadership? This is what is holding the Party hostage? The Freedom Caucus as a whole can’t name a piece of “PASSED” legislation that they’ve introduced that has helped the American People and aided the political capital of the GOP. Instead the Freedom Caucus is an internal monkeywrench that gifts political golden eggs to the Democrats at the detriment of the GOP. I’m now concerned what else Kevin McCarthy conceded to these imbeciles just to solidify his House Speaker vote.

The GOP doesn’t need People in the party that become public servants to gratify their media vanity and misleading virtue. The GOP needs to be ideologically driven with ideas and policies that serve most of America; not just small fringes and/or niche policies. The GOP needs to become the adults in the room again, not the crazy conspiracy theorist uncle who believes Australians are not real and are paid employees of NASA.

To show the American People the GOP is serious, the GOP should throw the “Freedom Caucus” out of the party to politically shift the social climate towards the Right. This would bring back party unity and pave an ideological path for the Republicans to gain trust and credibility with America once again. Similar to the Regan and Gingrich revolutions, whose ideological foundations were embraced by the majority of American People during those times.

The GOP doesn’t have the time to continue this charade of appeasing the political fringes. Even Joe Biden and the Democrats are marginalizing their Leftist fringe and attempting to pivot to a more centrist political tenor, for they know that appealing to the fringe is only a short term political solution. The GOP needs to beat the Democrats to the punch and show America that Republican candidates are more then just blowhards who only cause political theatre so they can see their faces on TV.

GOP needs candidates who vote along Party lines with feasible and incremental policy to slowly change the direction of the country. The only semblance of leadership in this regard within the GOP is Ron DeSantis. But DeSantis risks his current political luster trying to tame this political Frankenstein that is the GOP. So the only solution is for the Republican party to kick out the Freedom Caucus as a symbol of major change to the American People. Only then will the GOP become politically superior to the Democrats and their destructive governance.


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