Bud Light’s New Trans Can IS A Testament Of Woman Leadership

Ever since tranny-come-lately Dylan Mulvaney was put on the beer can of Bud Light, a massive rebuke of the Anheuser-Busch company has ensued. In Bud Light’s attempt to be “inclusive,” it has alienated its customer base. Even the groups Anheuser-Busch was trying to market to (LGBTQ) are not crazy about Mulvaney’s spokesperson position. One pub in Hell’s Kitchen, a New York City neighborhood known for its large and vocal gay community, reported that Bud Light draft sales dropped 58% this week, while Bud Light bottle sales were down 70%.

To understand the backlash (no pun intended), one must understand who Dylan Mulvaney is and the marketing executive who made the decision to put Mulvaney on the Bud Light can.

A look back in Mulvaney’s past reveals a shameless Man whose quest for fame and attention knows no bounds. This is a Man who has been utterly desperate in his attempts for recognition at ANY COSTS. His attention whoredom is on visual display for posterity on his Instagram. From being a failed art/musical student to trying to get on Television to act flamboyantly obnoxious in hopes of being remembered by viewers.

Below are two such examples; first video is of Mulvaney when he was in the audience of the talk show “Ellen” in 2018.

Second video is of Mulvaney during an appearance on the “Price is Right” in 2019. Notice the dramatic evolution of his ridiculous mannerisms from one year to the next.

From these appearances, Mulvaney gained a social media following from Females and folks from LGBTQ (millions of followers on TikTok). Seeing an opportunity for fame and grifting, he decided to play the “I’m turning Transgedered” card; which seems to be popular among talentless attention-fiending People.

On social media, Mulvaney began chronicling his “transition” which, unfortunately, caught the attention of the Joe Biden administration. Seeing an opportunity to politically pander to LGBTQ, the Biden administration actually invited Mulvaney to the White House. And this is where the national attention, which was so desperately wanted by Mulvaney, begins.

Below is the video of Mulvaney sitting in a Biden “Presidential Forum” in 2022.

This appearance at the White House gave Mulvaney the recognition that he desperately wanted. As a result, it drew the attention of “woke” executives of companies to use this person as a marketing gimmick to sell products to the gullible LGBTQ community.

One such executive is the new VP of marketing at Bud Light, Alissa Heinerscheid. Heinerscheid, Wharton School and Harvard graduate, became the first Woman executive in Bud Light’s history in July of 2022. It was Heinerscheid’s hasty decision to put Dylan Mulvaney on the Bud Light beer can.

Below is a video of Alissa Heinerscheid attempting to justify this very bizarre marketing decision.

Notice the hubris displayed by Heinerscheid in her explanation on her decision to put Mulvaney on the Bud Light can. This has been my biggest criticism of Women leadership!

Women leaders, in aggregate, don’t obtain leadership in hopes of bettering an organization they’re leading as a whole. Instead, most Women obtain leadership to abuse their authority and make People’s lives miserable. I believe this to be the modus operandi of most Women leaders, and why there are very few good examples of Women leadership.

Heinerscheid knew there was going to be such backlash (if she didn’t then she’s completely incompetent), and I believe she is reveling in all the negativity she has spawned from her decision. This is why, in my opinion, Women leadership should not be encouraged given their track record and the pattern of vindictive motives of many of their decisions.

How many more companies have to go under (I.E. Elizabeth Holmes, Carly Fiorina, Linda Figg) or how many countries have be destroyed (I.E. Park Geun-hye, Cristina Fernández de Kirchner, Angela Merkel) before the rest of us recognize that Woman leadership is not the best option?

This decision by Alissa Heinerscheid is a prime example of my assessment. She didn’t put this grifting attention whore Dylan Mulvaney to sell beer and make the company profitable (which is her job), she did this to bask in the backlash from her authority; which is why most Women aspire to be leaders. This Bud Light episode is a testament to spiteful Women leadership, and should not be “memory-holed” out of shame or intimidation.


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  1. You mentioned that “most Women obtain leadership to abuse their authority and make People’s lives miserable.” But the question is, why? Why do they want to obtain leadership to abuse their power and make people’s lives miserable? Is it a result of childhood trauma or being told they should act a certain way, so they then end up doing the opposite because feminism told them its liberating? Like the preacher’s daughter who goes on to become a pornstar. Everyone is rebellious in their youth however, its typically just a phase as people grow up to eventually become like their parents when they have their own children. What are some of the reasons why women in leadership would behave so sadistic and vindictively?

  2. Say it with me—MAR JO REE. It is not that hard to pronounce Marjorie. There is no “Bush, Jr.”, George Herbert Walker Bush was the 41st president of the US. George Walker bush was the 43rd president of the US.

    What part of Texas are you actually from? I know that you are in Texas now because our Amber Alerts went off a the same time once, but were you born in Texas? I was born and raised in the Fort Worth / Saginaw area and I can’t place your accent. Your accent seems to be forced like “Cowboy Kent Rollins”.

  3. This is absolutely why that the American beer brands have been sold their souls to the socialist and communist countries, even when they are wanting the companies to becoming politically correct with no exceptions to their own rules and regulations. Seriously, let the beer connoisseurs enjoy the 5% ABV import lagers so that AB InBev and Molson-Coors will be file a Chapter 11 bankruptcy, and no agencies buying defunct companies. Also, screw every hard seltzer brand, since none of the fruitbowls can enjoy a drink to their masculine lifestyle and hardworking businesspeople.

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