Change of Plans… The Ghost Show… Yes That’s Right; Comes Back This Wednesday…

As you all may know, I’ve had computer issues which has prohibited me from doing a live show. In the midst of resolving this issues, I recognized that most of the People who listen to my content want “The Ghost Show” more than “True Capitalist Radio.” So I’ve decided to do the following: “True Capitalist Radio” will be preproduced content and “The Ghost Show” will be LIVE content.

I know many of you “trolls” will take a damn victory lap because of this announcement, but I have to come to the realization that more People listen to “The Ghost Show” live on all platforms. I do understand that there are People who appreciate the “True Capitalist Radio” content, but my audience overwhelmingly demands otherwise.

So, as a result of this realization, I have to prepare myself for the proverbial “long shows” that last 7+ hours which is something I really DO NOT LOOK FORWARD to. Because of this, I plan on taking a couple of more days to prepare for what’s ahead; both mentally and physically.

The official come back of “The Ghost Show” is Wednesday (09/20/2023) and begins around 3:00pm-4:00pm CST and will till whenever. So this means that “The Ghost Show” content will consist of what everyone knows and loves; internet Tom Foolery.

“True Capitalist Radio” content will be preproduced and uploaded to various video social media (YouTube, Rumble, Odysee, Spotify). The frequency of TCR shows will depend on the viewership, but the more People listen, the more frequent they’ll be.

I hope you all are happy now, you trolls have won; I am going to be forced to do what I don’t want to do based on the demand. See you guys Wednesday, and please don’t wear me down with shows longer then 7 hours; PLEASE!


P.S. Cheers to Prolapse Pete, Mama Luigi, Valtteri Bottas and Haywood; your donations will be first this coming LIVE “Ghost Show.” Thank you all!

6 thoughts on “Change of Plans… The Ghost Show… Yes That’s Right; Comes Back This Wednesday…

  1. Glad The Ghost Show is back by popular demand, Ghost. Hope the fans are being keeping you busy and pumping the fuel like a reliable machine. Also, I have to agreed that the True Capitalist Radio needs to be keep it serious, by being prerecorded onto video platforms, and spotify for the first time in over a year. So, good luck, and don’t let the trolls fucking up your day as always. Cheers, and fuck the psyop supporting trolls along with most politicians of the next year’s elections, no matter the party.