Ghost Is Back on Twitter, or X, or Whatever the Hell It’s Called.

I have been forced to create another Twitter (or X) account because Elon Musk refuses to give me back one of my old “banned” names. The reason I’m doing this is because most People on the Internet are normies and refuse to go anywhere else once they get used to social media, apps, websites, etc. Let’s hope Musk doesn’t get get his jimmies rustled because I am a huge critic of his and think he’s the biggest fraud of all time.

I have to do what I have to do to stay connected to the People. I would appreciate a follow if you happen to be on this platform. Moreover, I will be active on Twitter posting articles, news, opinions and TCT/TGS show times. Hope to see you all there.

Twitter (X) name: @theghostreport



6 thoughts on “Ghost Is Back on Twitter, or X, or Whatever the Hell It’s Called.

  1. I am standing against Twitter/X due to the fact that Elon Musk have been such a con artist, a master manipulator, fraudulent salesperson, and even being a neocon. I am not coming back on that particular site, since I am not interested in returning to the site, and take my important advice, ghost. If you have been falsely banned by Elon Muskrat and his autist normies, keep on creating new accounts and do not stop supporting the first amendment rights, even when America have been embarrassed themselves while most people wanted to have freedom of speech removed from the constitution, which I do not buy their bullshit, and keep marching on till the day you retire from broadcasting for good, dude. #CapitalistArmy #TheGhostPoliticsNetwork

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