Ghost’s Take: Did Israel Allow Itself To Be Attacked? Pt: 2

This is a part 2 and supplemental commentary on the Hamas attacks on Israel. Ghost gives evidence on his postulation that Israel may not only have allowed the attacks to happen; but the possibility that Israel itself is involved? This commentary is in hopes of provoking cooler heads on this issue, and understanding the underlying constant; dogma.

Your thoughts?


6 thoughts on “Ghost’s Take: Did Israel Allow Itself To Be Attacked? Pt: 2

  1. Great additional reporting about the Hamas Attack, Ghost. Benjamin Netanyahu needs to be holding an accountable for allowing Israel to letting the random terrorists to capture and then killing their hostages for their macabre exchanges. The United States among other allies need to do something on top of the Russkis and Ukrainians that are still fighting their pointless war, while China, Suadi Arabia, and even North Korea are poking the lion’s cage for their own regretful, crappy decisions.

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