Ghost’s Take: Did Israel Allow Itself To Be Attacked?

After the unprecidented attack on Israel by Palestine’s Hamas, Ghost suggests that the intel blunder by Israel may not have been an accident. Ghost goes into detail in the video below on why. Are we to believe that Israel had no knowledge of the planning, weapons, paragliders, drones, etc in their own geopolitical backyard?

Your thoughts?


4 thoughts on “Ghost’s Take: Did Israel Allow Itself To Be Attacked?

  1. Great synopsis Ghost. I doubt that this will escalate into WW3 and this is just saber rattling. We thought 9/11 would instigate WW3, Russia invading Ukraine, even the Iraq War of 1990/91. All those just fizzled out. The closest we’ll ever come or came to World War Three was COVID. Anyway Cheers and Remember to Vote NO on Saturday

  2. Hola Ghosito, Usually I think you have retarded boomer globohomo lucifarian NWO true democrat glow-in-the-dark controlled opposition takes, but this time I think you got it right with Net&Youhoo allowing this to happen in order to maintain power. No way Mossad and CIA didn’t know about this, I bet they even armed them with some weapons that were sent to Ukraine. I don’t think WW3 is gonna happen but it’s gonna just see all our tax dollars fly to Israel. Anyways, can we get to RG now? Thanks, love you, adios.

  3. Great analysis of the Hamas attack that was happening last Saturday, Ghost. Benjamin Netanyahu should be standing up against the oppressors who have been raided their country, since these Palestinians need to be getting their anti-sematic asses hammered by the Israeli militants. To the capitalists in Israel, my heart goes out to your families and homies who are just trying to live their fair life without getting besmirched by these assholes like last weekend.

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