Why The Internet Will Be Regulated? Trolls…

As many of you well know, trolls have been a huge part of my Internet presence. I’ve been at fault in trying to Humanize this group by tailoring content for them specifically. But trolling has gone from sending pizzas and dildos, to sending militarized swat teams to peoples’ homes for “the lulz.” Aside from swatting, the Internet allows very disturbed individuals to cause trouble in one’s personal life from remote locations; sometimes countries apart. It is this contingent of trolls who will and are causing the justification for Internet regulation.

I’ve been an advocate for Internet Freedom ever since I first got on the Internet in 1993. But as more of the “general public” has gained Internet access, the virtual tools intended for closer world communication and infinite information, has turned into a fiber-optically connected wasteland filled with the socially immature and morally bankrupt populations from around the globe. This was not what the Internet was intended for, and it has resulted in what your see commonly on the Internet today.

One can’t even produce independent content without “trolls” using it as a platform for their sick, twisted and/or perverted actions. Case in point, the streamer Ice Poseidon (IP). IP streams for people who appreciate what he does (whatever that is) and produces content that is appreciated by a big audience. The problem? Trolls continuously send the swat team at IP during his live stream. The trolls have done this to IP so many times, they recently swatted him while on an airplane sitting on the runway. His most recent swatting had him in handcuffs in a squad car for over 2 hours before police realized it was a “swatting” situation. Below is a video of IP ranting about it; he is visibly upset and rightfully so.


It is situations like this that will cause the evitable censorship, regulation and governance of the Internet. Unless the Internet self-regulates itself and makes an example out of people who do this type of “trolling,” we are all going to see the end of the Internet as we know it very soon. As a long time advocate for Internet Freedom, I cringe at the thought of regulation. But as a Human being, a part of me kind of hopes Internet regulation does happen.

The Internet was one of the greatest creations of our time. But when technology got easier for regular life losers to get online, that’s when we started seeing this type of “trolling” activity. As I’ve always said, “Hurt people. hurt people.” And the Internet has given these people an unlimited number of victims to hurt. Instead of using the Internet to gain knowledge, skills or a job; many just use it for social media attention-whoring and causing virtual dramatic episodes. And if this is the case, I would rather see the end of the Internet than have it continue like this any longer.


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  1. I agree that the internet has for the most part gone to shit. I’ve been listening to you for a long time and I must say I will miss your regular broadcasts, though I understand why you’re taking a break. You rock Ghost!

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