Meme Magic Dead? What Happened To The Spirit of 2016?

It was late March of 2016, and I made the decision to bring back the True Capitalist Radio show because Donald Trump was running for President. The Internet seemed as if it was mostly unified for that short period of time. Pepe the Frog, MAGA, dank memes and 4chan’s /pol/ seemed like they dominated the Internet in its quest to elect Donald Trump. I looked forward to broadcasting at that time, for I knew I was a part of something the world had never seen. The Internet’s influence superseded the main stream media and had a direct affect on world affairs.

Later in the Summer of 2016, I announced the “Summer of Digital Chaos.” prior to the major WikiLeaks data dumps (not to mention all the other digital damage we did that year). It was a time when so many people were singularly motivated  behind one belief; to make Trump President. The spirit was so intense, it was literally magical.

But that all changed once Trump was elected President. The Alt-Right personalities showed that they were nothing more than attention whores. Meme soldiers went back to playing videos games, watching cartoons or trolling for no good reason. Even 4chan’s /pol/ lost its luster by resorting back to /b/-like activity. It’s as if everyone on the Internet stopped being seriously political; as if it never happened.

It’s a sad sight to witness, but it underscores why these politicians are so confident in their corrupt ways. They know, at some point, the public stops being political and goes back to sleep. Hence, why Donald Trump has had a hard time passing his agenda even though its a Republican dominated Congress. The Internet movement that got Trump elected has abandoned him almost completely, and no one in Congress is feeling the political pressure of the once feared “Trump Train.”

Now that it’s 2017, its a completely different feeling. It’s as if the previous year never happened and the Internet is back to its useless trolling, harassing and hacking ways. What happened to the Meme Magic? Video games, trolling and cartoons killed it. And the proof? Just look around the Internet today! Instead of the Internet becoming the mainstream media, it has reverted back to the digital wasteland where people use it to exercise their evilness behind the veil of supposed anonymity.

I will never forget 2016, for I believe we will never see a year like it ever again. I’m glad I was apart of it, witnessed it and actually experienced it first hand.

4 thoughts on “Meme Magic Dead? What Happened To The Spirit of 2016?

  1. some days i would be ok if the world just burned… but i just keep going with my ‘mindfulness’ and all the bullshit of the world doesnt even matter. i take their money, and i expand my mind. hopefully in 20 or 30 years these me me me kids will figure it out what youve been talking about all these years. but i digress, society doesnt need a billion brilliant people. it just needs a few. back to the world burning part… cheers from a 40 something redneck east texan.

    1. The fact of the matter is, a majority of these alt-right individuals were merely liberals whom were pushed away from their original contrarian beliefs via the advent of rampant SJWism. I’d consider myself to be in this boat, albeit not precisely the same since I’ve always been conservative with a simple disdain for neocons as well as the fact that I’ve remained loyal to Trump.

      Needless to say, a majority of younger right-wing nationalists fail to maintain their initial drive as they latched onto the movement for laughs and a sense of belonging. I may be sounding like that fudge-packer Milo, but these guys merely wanted to be the edgy counter culture, and, now that Trump’s in office, they feel like they’ve won and have gone complacent akin to the French and English post World War 1.

      r/The_Donald, in my opinion, is the epitome of what is wrong with the movement. It’s beginning to lose its standards and often times the jokes and what not have gotten cringey. It’s become a hive-mind that rarely can properly defend its own beliefs without posting some generic reaction image with BASED and SPICY-hell, I checked it prior to writing this and the only things I saw was rampant Pepe posting and Trump re-tweets. Those idiots are consistently taking the leftist bait. /Pol/ too suffers from this, but in a far less cringey matter. All of these groups tend to want to spread their ideology globally despite contradicting its nationalist message.

      Got a bit off-track but, basically, now that the alt-right has gained some notoriety and legitimacy as a result of the election, the majority of the movement has no idea what to do as their man is now the head honcho. They’re, for once, defending their own policies rather than criticizing the policies of others. If “meme-magic” wants to remain viable, it needs to become organized similar to how it was during the election. Furthermore, people need to begin acquiring a bit of free-thought rather than just barfing out whatever Milo Yiannopolis or Gavin McInnes said on YouTube followed with some Pepes.

      The Alt-Right needs to die, or changed drastically, and replaced with something better, and, in my opinion, more respectable than its current “LEL BASED BLACK GUY XD” persona.

      1. Interesting comment but you seem to be confusing the alt right with the alt lite. Alt right is an ethno-nationalist movement. Alt lite is its civic nationalist little brother.