Today is National Teachers Day? So What!

Never has their been a bigger group over-rated bureaucrats than public educators. They hide behind the children they supposedly “teach” as a virtue shield from criticism and accountability. Annually for the past 30 years, the products of their teaching have fallen more and more behind the world educational standard. And yet, State and Federal governments continue to increase funding, educator salary and allow reckless occupational tenure in this system? This is the definition of insanity! And it stops by disregarding the championing of public educators, for the fruits of their labor are mostly premature and/or rotten.

Why has public education failed American society? Well first let’s start with how teachers think collectively about the system and the products (your children) they produce. Below is former lawyer of one of the biggest Teacher’s Unions in the country, Bob Chanin, blatantly telling a convention of public educators of what they REALLY think about your children.


You heard from their lawyers mouth, “It’s not about children… It’s about POWER!” Think about that for a second: Tax Payers pay educators to educate their community’s children, and educators turn that around by unionizing against the Tax Payer while using their children as a means of obtaining “power?” What “power” are they talking about?

Well first and foremost, it’s damn near impossible to get an educator fired thanks to the teacher unions and lawyers like Chanin. Educators also get annual raises, tenured positions, retirement benefits, among an array of other perks. But what about doing their job which is educating children? It seems that educating children took a backseat to obtaining “power.”  It’s almost as if this “power” is to have carte blanche to abuse your children mentally, physically and (in many cases) sexually.  

Below is another teacher’s union lawyer bragging about how he defended a teacher he calls “Mike,” who was alleged to have forced students at knife-point to give him oral sex. Is this the “power” that public educators speak of?

This is the crux of the issue in reference to educators, what power do they seek and why is society allowing them to use their children to obtain it? So on this National Teachers day, I pose that question to the public educators of America. Whatever you bureaucrats are trying to accomplish has been to the determent of our society. Educators have done more long term damage to America than any foreign coercion could ever accomplish.

In closing, I say to the public educators of America that you have no Right padding yourselves on the back. You are soulless bureaucratic trash who utilize other people’s children as a weapon against them. Educators should be thrown in jail for fraud for conning Tax Payers out of billions of dollars and producing products that have fallen behind the first-world and emerging countries. We must stop respecting the “educator” label until they either start producing quality products or are all in the unemployment line. National Teacher Day should be renamed “People Who Exploit Children for Power Day.”

One thought on “Today is National Teachers Day? So What!

  1. I find myself more and more not giving a rats ass what happens to the populace, the ‘sheeple’ i guess you can say. I may be biased, because i was one of those gifted and talented kids back in the 80’s and they actually pushed us, but as i said in a previous post, we dont need a “billiant”. (billion brilliant)

    You cant teach brilliance, you can only breed it. I take it back, we do need a billion brilliant people, but we need them organically as we can get. Now i see why eugenics was such a draw, and maybe still is behind closed doors… I dont believe AI will really help, its just algorithms and eventually they will get stumped and crash.

    Anyway soliloquy, whew… but man, they are just giving the future welfare state and worker forces just enough to not mutiny. The kids that have that extra edge, well I think they will be just fine. (Maybe thats why they push pony crap, they need an edge to take our smart kids away.)

    lawl i could tirade all day, but I have this gent called Legowelt on some kinda playlist, and its making my synapses think ‘get your ass back to work’. So i better get.