Ghost’s Response To Styxhexenhammer666….

I would like to begin by thanking Styxhexenhammer666 for his kind words and advice. I’m very much a fan of his work and appreciate his contribution to independent content creation.

I don’t plan on quitting the broadcast completely, I need a bit of a break from broadcasting LIVE for 3 hours straight a day. Moreover, the recent attacks on my show by individuals who are reporting false claims to the entities I do business with, only underscores my need to take a break to reassess the distribution of my content and/or products. It also has shown me that I’ve been attempting to get through to many groups of people who I should have never entertained as an audience to begin with.

As you may hear in my voice in my most recent broadcasts, I’ve come to loath doing the show. It pisses me off to no end knowing that I’m providing entertainment to people who I personally believe should be put to sleep. Although my show reaches genuine adult audiences, it is mostly a magnet for mentally disturbed and dangerous freak shows. I acknowledge that it’s partly my fault, so that’s why I’ve decided to halt the broadcast.

Believe me when I tell you that I am very aware of my gift of influence, its something I’ve known since I was a young boy. I learned the danger of “cult of personality” a long time ago, and its a game I do not want to play. I simply wanted to be a voice who uniquely delivered information and knowledge for free; which is more Liberal than any Liberal in America today.

Instead I got a broadcast of immature, shameless, disturbed manchildren; many of which didn’t grow up after the five years that I was gone. It’s one of my biggest disappointments of my broadcasts, and I refuse to pretend that I can palate these people any longer. As I stated previous, doing the show has become a burden on me since I’ve lost the enthusiasm thanks to these life losers. Hence, why I am taking a break.

I’ll see how I feel after a month, until then I will produce content on other platforms to spread my message of Capitalism. I also need time to reassess my approach to delivering my content that will be less attractive to the groups mentioned previous. So have no doubts, I will broadcast again! But I plan on using every social media platform available to distribute new content. So stay tuned, you ain’t seen nothing yet…

17 thoughts on “Ghost’s Response To Styxhexenhammer666….

  1. >Instead I got a broadcast of immature, shameless, disturbed manchildren; many of which didn’t grow up after the five years that I was gone
    Ghost, your entire fandom only came together because of the lulz you generated. You getting trolled is what made you famous and is what made people want to listen to you. If you take away the lulz, you will be losing a substantial part of your audience. The trolls made you Ghost, you may not like it, you may not accept it, but those are the facts.

    If Alex Jones took his show in a more “serious” direction, more than 3/4 of his fanbase would leave in a heartbeat. You provide entertainment, as well as educate people and tell things like they are, and I respect you for that.

    As for the immature manchild comment, you do realize many of those people were newfags right? These people never listened to your show back in 2011-2012 when it was live. Instead they found out about you via DarkRaZorZ’s vids. They only saw the reactions of you. They never once listened to an original, full on broadcast like us oldfags did. That’s why the trolls sucked; because most of them were Redditors with no sense of humor or talent.

    The brown nosers were also a problem. No one likes a brown noser; nobody wanted to hear someone like D or RaidenSnake talk about their personal lives. Also you brought on too many “yes men” and not enough people of opposing viewpoints. The people you called on just wanted to suck your dick and not offer anything of substance, something I very well remember you saying you hated. If you’re gonna brown nose, then for fucks sake offer us something new. Give us some new information we haven’t heard. Don’t just parrot everything Ghost said, because that makes you look like a massive suck up, and nobody likes a suck up.

    One last point, and one that I feel that you failed to capitalize on: bringing on other people who oppose you. Do you know why shows like Tucker Carlson do so well? Because he brings on other people who oppose him and then proceeds to have a debate with them and thoroughly smack them down. You should have done more of that. You should have been calling on more people who disagreed with you and then proceeded to have a debate with them. That was something you could have easily capitalized on, and brought in more viewers with.

    Ghost, I’ve been listening to you since 2011 and have always enjoyed your show, both for the trolling and for the commentary you provided. You probably won’t respond, but if you do at least seriously consider what I said. Know why people liked you, know who were the real problems with the show, know exactly why people despised brown nosers, and finally, BRING IN OTHER PEOPLE WITH DIFFERENT OPINIONS OTHER THAN YOURS.

    1. the silent majority of tcr is with you ghost we support you all dont get demotivated by the those attention seeker whores target the new young generation and teach them what the media wont tell them
      sorry for bad english haha

      1. The Inner Circle was the worst thing to happen to TCR. Those circle jerkers, most of whom were newfags and brown nosers, pretty much killed what made TCR, well TCR.

        Also I still find it hard to believe that the Arab Prince was an actual prince from the UAE. Was he really the one who bought like 100 Mr. Optimism autographs?

      2. We appreciated Ghost’s content enough to be in contact with him on more than a show basis. We didn’t kill the show, the trolls who hated us did.
        And the Arab Prince was just a character. The guy behind it is really wealthy and from the UAE, and did really buy 100 Optimism autographs.

    2. Listen to this man, Ghostler. We miss you, buddy. You’re a part of our daily routine and there’s always a big void that is lost when you don’t broadcast that day. We need you back. When you’re rested and ready. Do the thing you did before where you only gave the last few minutes of the show to the trolls, if any at all sometimes.

    3. Take all the time you need ghost, not everyone who listens to the show are a bunch of cartoon-loving freaks, I appreciate the true capitalist message you give.

  2. Ghost, I have listened religiously ever since you returned, missing zero broadcasts of TCR or even that Saturday show, because you covered serious topics and provided a good perspective on global events while peppering in the gut busting humor as you interact with your audience. Despite what your broadcasts last year said about meatheads, I actually started working out every night with TCR, first 2 hours, then three, and doing so has left me physically and mentally improved.

    I thank you for your time and your content, and hope that you get back in to a regularly scheduled show. I will tune back in to your broadcast and listen when you go live again.

    One small request when you do decide to do live broadcasts again: could you look in to other streaming content providers apart from BTR? They have broken your broadcast more times in the past year than you would get out of many others. Even a cheap roll-your-own solution on a cloud provider would have more consistent results. Oh yeah, and while it seems almost tinfoil-tier, but I really hope this whole string of events isnt some convoluted way for you to do something on the level of “buy my book now” to juice your fans.

    Take it easy.

  3. Ghost as someone who found you and only listen to you for Radio Graffiti and Twitter Shoutouts back in 2011 I used to think you were a complete fool but as I decided to listen to your whole three hour broadcast everyday I started to see and agree with things you say as I seen it with my own eyes. I don’t fully agree with everything you say but I see where you are coming from on most of your subjects. What I am saying is I used to just care for the entertainment part of the show but I’ve come to enjoy all of it. The Markets, Current news, poiltics, your inner thoughts on both TCR and TSNTS. It’s a shame you might be quitting for good cause some parts of your fanbase are fucked up people.

    Though Moderation is a good thing you need a break, you’ve needed one months ago if you asked me. Not sure if you’ve seen my Tweets but there were times during a boardcast where you could tell you were being effected on a personally level where I’d send you a tweet saying “Hey man maybe you should take a few weeks off” I have trolled you from time to time but I always treated it as fun and games and stayed out of the more heavy situations the rest of the trolls tackle you with.

    Again I love your show, your thoughts and your overall content. You make me laugh, think and get me active when the moment calls for it. Most importantlly you’ve made me care about our country.

    I hope me saying I don’t always agree with you on everything and that I’ve have partaken in light hearted trolls from time and time don’t offend you cause I truly do appreciate your content. I would not be here on your new site reading the things you write if I did not.

    Good luck Ghost. I hope you are in a better mood come next month. I look forward to hopefully hearing your radio show again, whenever that may be a month from now or another five years I’ll be waiting and I’ll be there the moment you go live.

  4. I’ve mentioned it a couple times to you Ghost – BlogTalkRadio has become a poor platform for people like yourself to broadcast on. To say nothing of the mercifully-infrequent technical hiccups you’ve had with it. I’d strongly recommend if you want to broadcast on your terms, I’d go with YouTube or Facebook live. You can at least have moderators there to boot up the upstarts, shit-kickers and generally unfunny, non-creative and unintelligent parrots.

    That said, I would love to see you get into a real debate, and I mean a real, earnest debate with someone who doesn’t necessarily agree with your views. No name-calling. Civil discussion, like people used to have before the landslide of PC and SJWs descended. Here’s hoping you have a good rest period. I’d love to see you broadcast somewhere where you have more control.

  5. Mr. Ghost, I just heard your show after Styx recommend you. I can say now that I have I’m a fan. Sorry to hear you’re burnt out but would you consider doing the Saturday Night Troll Show with Styx? It’d be great, it would really solve both your problems. Styx wants to do a weekly audio show with another host and he hasn’t found someone yet. He’s great at dealing with trolls and would greatly increase your war potential against the faggoty elves. He has many loyal fans so that would open up new markets and opportunities while at the same time diminishing your enemies resources since they’d have to compete with the new blood, 122k and growing. I know I have no clout or seniority here so I’ll most likely be disregarded but I don’t want you to vanish like an evil in the night, you goddamn, Poltergeist.

  6. this morning… download ghost on youtube(brony network heres your damn shoutout you fruitbowl) crap, hes not there. downloaded some tina turner we dont need another hero, that cool extended remix, and just had my own show in my head all day at work. its better when u do it man.

    we gotta save these new young men that have the assburg. the other side has harnessed their power, and the new golden age of baddassedness tech is gonna be left to garage bubba boy that has good intentions but … crap ! solioiquiy! ok enough of this tirade.

    mark hollis, look him up, he made good music back in the day80’s. ok i better get back to work, they dont like me drinkin’.

  7. Ghost, I first discovered you back in late 2015 early 2016 right before you came back online. Naturally I was elated when just a month or two after I had started listening to the archive ( one of your 2008 True Conservative Republican Radio days ) I saw that you had come back from a 5 year hiatus. I’m out there capitalizing most of the day so I don’t often have the pleasure of listening to you live. Please don’t give up the broadcast. I understand your frustration with the bronies and carrot-waxers that call in and troll, but your broadcast means a lot more than Radio Graffiti and Twitter shout-outs. Some of my fondest memories are kicking back with a glass of JOHNNIE WALKER, flipping on the podcast, and checking in on the markets while you savage the globalists. I would occasionally take days off JUST so I could listen to you live.

    I’m all for you expanding into other media, but don’t forget your roots. You are a phenomenal podcaster personality. I think you should grow beyond BTR (BTR is all well and good, but I think a Youtube presence would help significantly).

    I don’t have all that much more to say. You’ve earned a nice break after all the work you put in for the election. I just hope that you come back with gusto, shake off the bronies and the carrot-waxers, and hit the airwaves harder than ever before.

    1. Ghost, I hope you read this, because as a someone stranded in a Trudeau-ruled Canada I just want to quickly say a couple of things.

      First, thank you for all of your content over the years. As a Saskatchewanite who is living in horror of the negative changes made by the Soros-blowing Trudeau, I ask that in the future you cover some more Canadian content and the markets here, if you can spare the time.

      Second, I understand your frustration with the lifelong losers, and cannot blame you for taking a break. I first listened to the show for the radio graffiti, but rapidly transitioned to listening to the prognostications and have learned many things since that time. Unfortunately, there is no shortage of losers and I sympathize with you for enduring them so long.

      I recommend the following: no more radio graffiti, no more random calls, shortening the broadcast so that you are not sacrificing your life to these morons any longer, no longer broadcasting live (release previously-recorded shows), and perhaps if there are any callers or outside opinions the previous comments of “yes men” should be seriously considered. I also have an idea for a new segment that would (hopefully) attract a more serious audience: an advice period where emails from the listeners can get the take of a man who has been around and can provide the wisdom that is lacking from their fatherless lives. The effeminate males that find themselves in bad relationships and do not know how to deal with their situations might particularly appreciate your advice.

      That is all for now. Thank you again for everything!

      1. I agree with this but I think Radio Graffiti should not be removed. I think it should be for the last 10 minutes of TCR, Skipped every other day or if Ghost does not feel like doing or at most removed from TCR and moved over to the saturday night troll show only.

  8. My mother fucking light in this liberal bullshit, GHOST,

    I have never called in, on one occasion regabbed something, but other than that i have not interacted with you, but you have very much interacted with me since 2009. I get why you’re taking the break, and it definitely is very important to do this! Use the business tactic to choke and deprive these dependent losers of your valuable information, and then once they’re dieing and on the brink of falling, come back on the scene! You came back at a very great and glorious time ghost, but maybe it was meant to be a short time. Maybe the information you put out, is meant to be heard later down the line. Maybe your insight will serve to people later down the road as hindsight. i do very much enjoy all facets of the show, and there’s something about your show that really does reflect a great portion of the internet, a face not many want to affiliate with hell even you as your real self.

    I will use this third or second load of data that you’ve moved into my mind, and i’ll process it to some real information so my opinion can actually mean something, and not be some sorry excuse for a half assed crack shit billy goat loving idea. I’m tired of seeing such lawless bulshit in my city, and i want to start getting some real action done, not working for someone elses interest! I’m waiting on the book to control the government too, unless you were bullshitting us! Getting the people together wouldn’t be hard, but keeping the image is what perplexes me, wouldn’t it be like creating a new class or a new party, redefining something to become something else? How do you go about doing this? isn’t that like usurping a place in history? These are the questions i wanted to ask on the show!!!

    Wouldnt have gotten into crypto if it wasnt for you, although i’m a little fish, and don’t really have time to trade all the time i’ve already seen 200% returns, and anything more will be good, but like i said still a small fish! Next time you come back i’ll report on all my crypto gains! Take a siesta, come back after the 4th of july, and enjoy yourself! Keep your guard up too, because these shills are going to come back 10 times as strong.!

    NO MORE SATURDAY NIGHT TROLL SHOW. Make the show twice a week, and make it as long as you need.

  9. Sad to see all these encouraging comments of folks who were enlightened through your show, Ghost. The last year was the fucking craziest and funniest year I had on the internet and this mostly because I discovered your show shortly after your return.
    Start sparking synapses again but I also agree that you should take a break after this crazy year.
    I think you helped more people with their lives than the autists manchildren may suggest.
    I hope to hear from you sooner rather than later (But enjoy your break and recover from the 6d/week shows).

    TCR never dies

    PS: Accept Styx’s offer and get on hangout with him and do a political discussion, that would be fucking amazing

  10. I agree with the guy in the video, but I also agree with Ghost that the number of manchildren attracted to his show has reached intolerable levels, and the formula he has used for the past year is simply no longer viable.

    If I were Ghost, I think this is what I would do. First, take a couple months off, just to get my mind off the problem. Second, try returning with a single weekly TCR broadcast. No radio graffiti, and no anonymous calls allowed. Maybe take a few known serious callers, and maybe a couple numbered calls. Any references to brony, furry, or anime culture, simply give out their number. No reason for tolerance at this point.

    If he ever decides to expand the show to regular broadcasts, I strongly suggest that he does not restore radio graffiti. Simply take calls on various topics, and if he gets trolled, so be it.

    Twitter shoutouts are fine, and other segments could take a more prominent role (twitter questions, capitalist confessions, ask Karazkyn), but radio graffiti truly needs to be put out of its misery. The occasional funny splice doesn’t even come remotely close to justifying the lightning rod for autistic screeching it has become.