True Capitalist Radio is now BACK and Independent!

In the day and age of censorship and demonetization, I have decided to make the True Capitalist Radio broadcast completely independent from ANY oversight by ANYONE else but "myself." Although I'm losing thousands of dollars by doing so, I feel this is a proper step that needs to be taken to prevent from being silenced. … Continue reading True Capitalist Radio is now BACK and Independent!

Ghost’s Response To Styxhexenhammer666….

I would like to begin by thanking Styxhexenhammer666 for his kind words and advice. I'm very much a fan of his work and appreciate his contribution to independent content creation. I don't plan on quitting the broadcast completely, I need a bit of a break from broadcasting LIVE for 3 hours straight a day. Moreover, the recent attacks … Continue reading Ghost’s Response To Styxhexenhammer666….