True Capitalist Radio is now BACK and Independent!

In the day and age of censorship and demonetization, I have decided to make the True Capitalist Radio broadcast completely independent from ANY oversight by ANYONE else but “myself.” Although I’m losing thousands of dollars by doing so, I feel this is a proper step that needs to be taken to prevent from being silenced. I have been targeted many times by “trolls” who now use censorship as a means of trolling, so this has been a long time coming.

I humbly ask ANYONE who appreciates the content to spread it around the Internet, for many former listeners have no idea that I’m broadcasting again. Moreover, support the show (or ANY independent content producer) in any capacity that you can. Its independent media that will defeat the fake news lame stream media, but public support is absolutely essential to the continuity of such independent content.

I would also like to ad that TCR will take a more politically serious approach to the broadcast. This is not to say that we won’t have any fun, but the promotion of immature activity that attracts to bowels of Humanity (autists, aspies, manchildren, bronies, etc) will no longer be conducted. TCR will be unadulterated Capitalism and the straight political dope!

I would also like to extend my deepest thanks to everyone who has listened to the broadcast over the years, and those who supported the show by purchasing ANY of the merch and/or services. Without you all, this show would NEVER have existed. With that said, here’s to another 10 years for True Capitalist Radio! Cheers baby, cheers!


2 thoughts on “True Capitalist Radio is now BACK and Independent!

  1. cool to hear ya again man. back in the day when i first started listening to ya, i bought 10 bitcoins, they were like 400 bucks a piece… when it hit 18k i scrambled like a mad baboon trying to liquidate most of it…. best investment of my life.

    but since im out now, i dont ever see myself getting back in. always on the lookout for new shit though, and im pretty sure the baby boomers are gonna make CBD oil and shit a goldmine, so check it out man.