White Nationalism = Socialism

Why are Antifa and White Nationalists “fighting” each other when both sides want the same thing? Socialism! When confronted with this obvious contradiction, White Nationalists have created terminology in an attempt deflect this question; the “Horse Shoe Theory.” Much like their favorite defense mechanism in debate, “the Jew;” the Horse Shoe theory provides enough rhetorical cover so that their followers don’t become disillusioned with their abstract political stances. But no amount of rhetorical redundancy can eliminate the modus operandi of White Nationalism; Socialism.

How can White Nationalists tout that minorities are welfare receiving, inferior races? When its White Nationalists themselves who are advocating their own submission to the State, with their WHITE hands out waiting for a subsidized existence? By advocating Socialism, White Nationalists are admitting that White folk are incapable of independence and self-preservation without coercion of State authority. Much like how the modern LGBTQ movement has used State power to assert “its” perspective on society.

White Nationalism itself is NOT a natural and organic means of social organization if the State is needed for its existence. Much like Communism, White Nationalism has to be forced onto a populous, which molds the perspective of the masses into its man-made ideas. This is the basis of ALL Communist models throughout contemporary history.

Unlike the individual Freedom of Capitalism, White Nationalism uses the same politically-romantic collective language as the Communists. They emphasize the need for collective unity, recognition and justice; which are the same adherents of Antifa and Black Lives Matter. So are these groups really enemies?

I’ve personally called out the main mouth pieces of the White Nationalist movement on the hypocrisy mentioned previous, only to be purposely ignored. For they know, they can’t articulate the contradictions of their abstract political views. They are nothing more then Nazi cos-players who use the Internet to organize groups of disenchanted life losers who need someone else to blame for their own bad decisions. Just LIKE ANTIFA!


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