The Majority Of Crypto Investors Are Pussies!

It’s become so predictable! Any bad news or slight sign of negativity, crypto investors run away like a wide-eyed “spectrum brat” scolded for their Autism. This is an unfortunate side-effect of a new form of economics birthed via technology. Nerds, dorks and socially warped neck beards comprise the majority of the cryptocurrency markets, bringing emotionally impulsive buys and sell offs. This schizophrenic buying and selling leaves fundamental chart analysis moot and investing strategies erratic. The bottom line? The majority of Crypto investors are pussies!

Crypto investors lack the testicular fortitude to understand that long-term investment reigns supreme, and Wall Street has been exploiting this for the past several months. For example, when monitoring the cumulative market capitalization of the entire Crypto market, I’ve noticed that their is an average of $100 billion that goes in and out of the entire market. This $100 billion is clearly Wall Street manipulating the unregulated crypto markets, for Wall Street controls hundreds of billions of other peoples’ money (401k, hedge funds, brokerages, etc).

Wall Street is utilizing their unlimited fiat access mixed with the pussy-whipped mentality of the crypto investment community to orchestrate volatility and massive sell-offs. This translates into low crypto prices for Wall Street to accumulate. Hence, why the CEO of JP Morgan Chase, Jamie Dimon, is taking back negative comments about cryptocurrency.

Knowing that Wall Street is in the Crypto game, original Crypto investors need to stop acting like many of them do in REAL LIFE; like an Autistic manchild! Investing is a big boy game that requires BALLS and patience. Just because you made a profitable short/pattern trading play today, doesn’t mean that those same profitable opportunities will be there tomorrow. Think LONG when investing in Crypto.

I told my listeners on True Capitalist Radio back in April of 2017 to entertain Ethereum ($ETH). At the time, Ethereum was around $40 a coin. If one would have bought 10 $ETH coins for $400 in April of 2017 and held till today (2/1/2018), they would have made $10,653 on their investment. That’s SERIOUS money by just HOLDING and not reacting like an impulsive Autist at their first sign of a pullback!


In closing, stop getting emotional during contractions and acting like petulant pussy at the slightest pullback; it could cost you more in the long run. Even though Crypto is on the Internet, the money is VERY real and should be respected as such. Moreover, do your homework on EVERYTHING you invest in, and stay away from shit-coins.


One thought on “The Majority Of Crypto Investors Are Pussies!

  1. Best analyses of the Crypto-Market I’ve seen yet….

    I think you’ve more than hit the target on this claim.

    Now what to do with all this dead money and erratic sell-offs?….