The Majority Of Crypto Investors Are Pussies!

It's become so predictable! Any bad news or slight sign of negativity, crypto investors run away like a wide-eyed "spectrum brat" scolded for their Autism. This is an unfortunate side-effect of a new form of economics birthed via technology. Nerds, dorks and socially warped neck beards comprise the majority of the cryptocurrency markets, bringing emotionally … Continue reading The Majority Of Crypto Investors Are Pussies!


What’s the value in Cryptocurrency? It’s the Technology Stupid!

Now that the crypto markets are beginning to recognize that there is a direct correlation between the circulating supply of a cryptocurrency and the price, investors are running to low circulated coins like candy. But the circulation should NEVER be the ONLY factor when investing in cryptocurrency. The most important, yet overlooked factor in crypto … Continue reading What’s the value in Cryptocurrency? It’s the Technology Stupid!

The Fall of Bitcoin…

Bitcoin was the first kid on the crypto block to introduce an alternative to fiat currency using an innovative technology called "Blockchain." But since its intro in 2009, many different alternative coins (alt-coins) have emerge which are not just currencies, but also have other blockchain applications which are integrated with cryptocurrencies. Now that crypto has … Continue reading The Fall of Bitcoin…

Cryptocurrency: A Genesis Mining Review

It's been over four months since I introduced the True Capitalist Radio audience to the service Genesis Mining as a third-party mining solution. Everyone I know who uses the service says it far exceeded their expectations. As for me personally, I love it! It gives me the ability to purchase a mining contract for 2 … Continue reading Cryptocurrency: A Genesis Mining Review

Ghost’s Inner Circle Crypto Millionaires?

The Inner Circle and myself have decided that 42-coin is on our radar and we want to own it all! We began acquiring it in huge blocks on the evening of June 13, 2017. As a result, the 42-coin market jumped up to $7 million a coin; making us official crypto-millionaires (for about an about an hour).  Since then it … Continue reading Ghost’s Inner Circle Crypto Millionaires?

Is EmerCoin the Future of Blockchain Technology?

While the Cryptocurrency world is occupied by the big names of Crytpo; Bitcoin, Ethereum, DASH, etc. I've been researching future long-term crypto plays in the lower priced Altcoins. One that has stood out as a diamond in the rough is Emercoin (EMC). The development team of this coin have gone way beyond cryptocurrency with their blockchain … Continue reading Is EmerCoin the Future of Blockchain Technology?

Is There a Bitcoin Pullback Coming In June?

I know everyone has been riding high on the rising Cryptocurrency prices, but I feel that Bitcoin could slide this June. One of the main factors is the reason the first dip in crypto happened early this year; China. At that time, China put the clamp down on their crypto exchanges by halting business and … Continue reading Is There a Bitcoin Pullback Coming In June?