Cryptocurrency: A Genesis Mining Review

It’s been over four months since I introduced the True Capitalist Radio audience to the service Genesis Mining as a third-party mining solution. Everyone I know who uses the service says it far exceeded their expectations. As for me personally, I love it! It gives me the ability to purchase a mining contract for 2 years, without the hassle of a physical mining rig. I receive payments in my wallet daily and have the ability to switch my hash-power to mine other altcoins.

Many of the critics of Genesis Mining are those who invested the bare minimum in a mining contract and expect thousands of dollars in return. As with any investment, it takes money to make money. I purchased an Ethereum mining contract ($869.00) at the beginning of April 2017 and I’m already making a return on my investment. I have since reinvested the earnings from my Ether contract into purchasing more hash-power for higher daily mining yields; which is a great crypto growth strategy.

I personally feel Genesis Mining is a great investment for those looking to get into cryptocurrency. With the rise in GPUs and other mining hardware, Genesis Mining provides a hassle-free alternative to capitalizing on mining cryptocurrency. Moreover, click the link below to see for yourself that Genesis Mining contracts are almost all sold out. So if you’re considering a Genesis Mining contract, I say do it! You’ll be glad you did.


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2 thoughts on “Cryptocurrency: A Genesis Mining Review

  1. I tried purchasing $1000 worth of mining, but the order was repeatedly rejected. Credit card wouldn’t allow it to go through. I decided to put that $1000 into Bitcoin instead, which I am using to diversify into other currencies using Shapeshift.

  2. Genesis Mining has been my choice from my mining beginings. I have searched for a company whose site is easy to use and whose contracts are understandable to us without any crypto knowlage. I found that in Genesis Mining and untill now I never regreted bying contracts from them. it was so easy to understand contracts and start mining. I have a few contracts in Genesis and they are all runing and bring me paymants every day. They were very mature about this mining market crisis and offered a solution. I have upgraded my contracts and I feel it was the best decision I could have make for my investment.