MSM Demonizes Islam Critics After Finsbury Park Mosque Attack

The mainstream media has been on a propaganda spin since the Finsbury Park Mosque attack; as if Islam has been a victim of constant terrorist attacks. But if one takes a look at terrorists attacks in America from 2000-2009 alone, one will find a list of mostly Islamic and/or Leftist terrorists. So why is the media painting Islam as the victim?

This issue is very complex and goes far beyond most people’s imaginations. Take the migrant crisis in Europe, why would the Socialist governments in this region allow its countries to be taking over by migrants under the guise of “Humanitarianism?” There are many answers to this question, for the social engineers of Europe are killing many birds with one stone with the demented plan. First reason is obvious, the Socialists are diluting its Democratic process; meaning they are bringing in outside populations to overwhelm voting blocks of political opposition. This gives Socialists the political coverage to disguise their totalitarianism with a Democratic face (I.E. Germany, France, Sweden).

Second reason that the Socialists in Europe allowed the migrant crisis was to help its favorable corporations by artificially bringing down the cost of labor. For if migrants aren’t actual “citizens” but refugees, then any domestic minimum wage laws don’t legally apply to them.  This way, the corporations are branded as “evil” Capitalists which bolsters Socialist fervor within the populous. All while the Socialists, which brought in the problem, bring in more regulation which creates LEGAL monopolies in ALL industries and services (a monopoly CAN NOT exist without government coercion).

Third reason for the European migrant crisis is a long term attempt at cultural and racial hegemony. The Socialists (European Union) who have consolidated Europe geographically, now want to eliminate any identity to the member States that created the EU. Hence, why the EU isn’t really doing anything about migrant sexual assaults and rapes; they want a new race of People in a “New Europe.” A new People who accept totalitarian Communism without question. Remember, the last country to refer to itself as a “Union” was the Communist government of the Soviet Union.

This Communism under the guise of Socialism is worldwide, and its agents have infiltrated most governments and institutions. And the foundation of Communism is “struggle,” meaning they believe that the prime motivating factor for maximum Human resource is constant strife. That’s why all Communist models have subjected their populations to social experiments that have caused the death of millions. The European migrant crisis falls under this category.

In short, unless people wake up to the true motives of our so-called leaders, we are doomed to a global totalitarian Communist nightmare. The only way to combat this madness is to NOT STAY SILENT, for silence is consent.



3 thoughts on “MSM Demonizes Islam Critics After Finsbury Park Mosque Attack

  1. It is interesting that whenever there is an Islamic terrorist attack, the narrative is to carry on as usual, and that terrorism is something we just have to live with (“part and parcel of living in a big city”, as Sadiq Khan worded it). That tone is absent in this case; instead Theresa May wants to regulate the Internet in order to stop “hate speech”. I thought #PrayForX hashtags and candle-lit vigils were enough.

  2. You hit the nail on the head on all 3 points.

    Your fist point regarding taking them in as voting blocks, that is very true, especially as it is very rare for any Western European country to kick them out to their country of origin due to certain “humanitarian” reasons. It probably includes poverty these days, as most come from impoverished areas to live off welfare. So it is pretty much expected that they will get citizenship after X amount of years, the entire process paid by big gov. As always, they vote for parties to let more of their people in.

    Your second point about corporations wanting cheap labor, true as well. However, that failed as a plan as many of the corporations that were welcoming them, didn’t employ them because they were unable to do the job. I hear in Germany Merkel blamed the companies for not wanting to take these migrants in. This can mostly be attributed to their work ethic, and perhaps the rampant inbreeding that takes place in the middle east. Inbreeding doesn’t quite produce the best people, you just have to look at countries that don’t have this inbreeding problem to see how they are doing( Iran for example doesn’t have this inbreeding issue). Also, the companies that don’t seem to complain about more people in the west -any company that makes money off an increased human population and somehow are in league with big gov. In Sweden there is a food company that provides catering to refugee/migrant centers, the more there are the more money they make, the expensive bill paid on behalf of the Swedish taxpayers ofcourse.

    Your third point really hit the nail on the head. The European Unions greatest enemy are culturally homogenous societies that will vote for their interest above others. This is why whenever there is an attempt by the EU to vote for more power, most countries – at least some western European ones, blocked the entire process. Somehow there is always a (rigged) revote and they somehow always get more power. The rape and sexual assault thing, its a fear game. Fearful populations always submit. Plus they probably like to pit different ethnicities vs eachother, so they can’t focus on who really is pulling the strings. It erodes the trust in society, leading to every group not focusing on the greater good of the nation, I guess an example would be less legislature so affordable housing can actually be build, but on what they want individually. It’s easier to break individual straws, than a bundle of them. The EU heads don’t know that by doing this they will be poorer, much poorer in the long run. When the farmer(taxpayer) refuses to till the land voluntarily, and decides to move on to better pastures which is just a 10 hour planeflight away, they will suffer.

  3. Mr. Ghost, It is beyond high time You, along with like minded patriots in the United States of America organize self-defence Militia’s across North America.

    As well as educate the nessecary/impactful people in the various States on the basic 101’s of how Globalism/Communism/Islam actually works.

    (Canada included if you have the time/money and patience to do so despite our special Snowflake liberal dolts.)

    We already have centrists/and even centre of Left populations being called Faschists and the predictable Far-right white supremacist Crap!

    I would not be surprised if the Deep state-Political Class-Lamestream Propaganda machine will deliberately induce a Islamic Jihad within North America in the near future, for extra political muscle….. (And other more sinister reasons!)

    And That would ultimately provoke a Crusade and revolts across America!

    And you and I shall soon see blood literally out of the soil we stand on/streets we live in…..

    Please if you truly believe in all you’ve said, written, and typed to all of us with ears to lend.

    Do the above, and protect Your Beloved nation/values/Future from these Satanic Demons infesting your neighborhood.

    You have the right to Life and Liberty! (A God given Right at that!)

    And Canadians should help their American next-door Neighbours, (Brothers/Sisters) in this colossal Global and local Hybrid war!

    For Right at this very moment, we ARE at War with Powers and Principalities! And this is now, (and probably has been for long time…) an incontrovertible fact/Truth…..

    God be with you Brothers and Sisters in Christ!

    Слава Америка! – Trslation: Glory to America!

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