Not a Slippery Slope? LGBTQ Are Now Going After Children!

I remember when proponents of the so-called LGBT movement said that they needed hate laws to “protect” them, and they got it. I remember when LGBT wanted “gay marriage,” insisting it was not a sexual “slippery slope;” and they got it. Now it’s legal to have sex with animals in Canada and now they’re coming after your children.

First of all, I don’t care what your sexual orientation is; exposing children to sexuality (homo or hetero) only helps desensitize pedophilia. And now that the organized LGBTQ movement have achieved all its past supposed grievances (hate crime bill, gay marriage, etc), what else do they have to fight for?

Lest we forget that we’re talking about a group of people (LGBTQ) who define their life’s identity on how they like to f*ck. And if one’s existence is defined by lust and carnality, then what does that truly say about one’s modus operandi? Below is a video that may answer that question.

What you just witnessed is a microcosm of the slippery slope” that the LGBTQ movement said was a rhetorical figment of religious imaginations over 20 years ago. That “rhetorical figment” has become reality. Are we, as mature adults who are supposed to protect children, just going to accept this pro-pedo behavior? Is this the reason why the Leftist LGBTQ movement champions Islam and the protection of its sexually accepted practices?

This is NOT a Right or Left political issue! You are either pro-pedophile or you believe (like I do) that pedophilia should be an automatic death sentence. This is the last line of morality left in our morally bankrupt society. If we cross this line, what will be next? Legalized sex sacrifices, cannibalism and/or necrophilia? Don’t think it’s out of the question! Everyone ignored the “slippery slope” the last time.


7 thoughts on “Not a Slippery Slope? LGBTQ Are Now Going After Children!

  1. I have debated on whether or not I should have called up the show before you went on the hiatus to tell you a story I had with a pedobear that completely changed my perception on society because it ISN’T just you that is seeing, in this post-Obama America, that pedophiles are not only being given a free pass nowadays but pedophilia is being blatantly protected and avocated nowadays, and it makes me fucking sick. I’ll keep my story short. Now, I happened to land a job on the night shift of a position at a TA Travel Center Truck Stop as a Fuel Desk Cashier, and a week in I overheard the colleagues talking about how one of the low level supervisors there was a sex offender. Sure enough, I did a background check on this bastard (as all criminal records are PUBLIC) and a year ago this piece of shit was convicted of 1st Degree Child Molestation (which is a Class B Felony here in Missouri) and because this guy came from a fairly wealthy family they were able to obviously sweep all this under the rug. TA is supposed to do background checks on ALL employees, and his being there was a DIRECT violation of his parole. So not wanting to just abandon ship on the crew and leave without explanation, I raised my concerns to the GM who then proceeded to call me up and FIRE ME, stating she was already aware of it and it “wasn’t any of my business.” This guy would go into bathrooms LITTLE CHILDREN WOULD GO INTO WHEN THEY’RE SENT INSIDE BY THEIR FAMILIES. AND THIS IS OKAY? WHAT THE FUCK IS WRONG WITH YOU PEOPLE?

  2. Degeneracy leads to degeneracy. First the gays&lesbos were ‘legalized’ publically. Then the lgbt followed. Every step of the way they ask for more and more rights, ‘pride parades’ for the gays/lesbos, entering the opposite sexes toilets for the lgbts. Then third wave femenism came, where they want more rights than men(imo giving them the vote in the first place was mans largest and deadliest historical mistake).

    They are pushing hard for pedophilia everywhere too, by dressing up little girls like sluts and having their favorite magazines try to warp the perception of pedophiles from criminals to ‘sad people that are suffering and want to touch little kids’. I wouldn’t be surprised if full Aztec sacrifices was some sort of annual event when cannibilism is legalized.

    The social engineers make sure to take their time, pushing out a new form of behavior every 5 years so people can get ‘used’ to it. Then they go to the next step. I’m really curious as to how far they can go. They might want to correct the mess they made, but that will take a generation or 2.

  3. Glad I’m not the only one who foresaw this long ago. The intentions of the “LGBT” community were clear. Rightfully, it should have stopped at gay “marriage”. Of course, human nature dictates people will want more. Trans rights? Happened. What’s next? Beastiality and pedophilia. There werr already a few sick f*cks who claimed, “oh pedophilia is just another orientation its ok if both parties consent!” To any f*ck who genuinely believes that, let me ask you – Looking at your adult self now, how different are you from when you were a kid in the way your mind works, perception, interpretations, free will, etc? Exactly. A child CANNOT sexually consent to an adult. It is nothing more than rape and a mental disease.