Liberals Are Domestic Terrorists, PERIOD!

How many more Liberal voices have to direct or suggest violence against the political opposition, the President and/or the country before we call it what it is; terrorism! The Democratic party (from Obama downward) have festered and fueled the current political landscape, and should be held accountable for intentionally crippling America to its current state. With Democrats using words like “resistance” and “revolution,” it has provided an incendiary method of motivating its radical base for political violence. And as we’ve seen with Madonna, Snoop Dogg, Kathy Griffin and now Johnny Depp (not to mention the countless MSM personalities on all platforms), these Liberals are attempting to inspire violence on a grand scale. It’s time to either start arresting these people or pre-emptively acting against their genuine threats.

The question one should ask is, why do all these so-called “Liberals” vehemently hate President Trump? Trump’s polices and rhetoric has been mostly Right of center, as opposed to far Right-wing. Trump was the first Republican Presidential candidate in GOP history to publicly promise to protect the LGBT community. Trump’s emphasis on American jobs, opposition to the TPP, appointing Robert F. Kennedy Jr. to chair a commission on vaccine safety, was against putting America in foreign wars and other-like policies I have failed to mention, prove that President Trump is more Liberal than the modern Left itself.

So why the hatred from the American Left? The answer is simple, Stimulus Package 2 aka America Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009. This was the largest transfer of wealth in American history that was nothing more than a payoff to those who donated and supported Obama and/or the Democrats. If one follows the money of Stimulus Package 2, one will find that the most boisterous voices against now President Trump, benefited generously from this bill. So, in essence, the mainstream Left/Liberals are paid political mercenaries and are not ideologically motivated. Which is a far cry from the Anti-Capitalist mask they use as a disguise.

Capitalists, which is what President Trump represents, want to use their skills, creativity, ambition, knowledge and decision making to earn their wealth. Whereas Leftists (Democrats, Communists, Socialists, etc) want to use political science (politricks) to steal the wealth from those who earned independently (I.E. middle-class). Hence, why the richest American Billionaires supported Hillary Clinton for President in 2016. Below is a video of Hillary Clinton with Billionaire Warren Buffet in the background promising to raise taxes on the middle-class.

But that doesn’t make any sense, right? How can the Left/Liberals who claim Capitalism is so evil, have so many billionaires financially backing its political activities?  Simple answer, the majority of the American public is politically ignorant; and that’s by design. Lest we forget, America has a government funded education system. And the public education system has not only dumbed down our population, but it has made a Ponzi-scheme out of our children. That’s why most millennials are in college-debt serfdom before entering a workforce who doesn’t want their over saturated degree. Moreover, the emphasis on “self-esteem” in education has brought on an epidemic of life-losers who think they are the greatest thing since sliced bread and deserve anything on-demand or they’ll mentally “meltdown.” Hence, the manchild phenomena and the fetish for constant entertainment. And that is what makes these threats of politically violence, particularly from Hollywood, so dangerous.

The Capitalist-Right must recognize that the threat we face goes far beyond just violence, its mental problem. Think about it, the Left/Liberals/Antifa are touting President Trump is a Right-wing fascist when he’s more Liberal than they, claim to be Anti-Capitalist while being funded by billionaires and are too ignorant to know they’re hypocrites because they’re too busy virtue signally to enhance their self-esteem. Under these conditions that were fostered by the Left, preemptively acting on threats made by such Liberal actors are morally and ethically justified. For they know everything mention previous in this article, for they aided in guiding our country down this path. So when these Liberals call for violence, given the political ignorance of their audiences, we should take it very serious and eliminate the threat(s).

Remember, these Leftists/Liberals/Antifa are domestic terrorists as defined by the Patriot Act. These individuals who openly call for political violence, assignations and other acts of coercion, should be labeled enemy combatants. As an enemy combatant, they are no longer American citizens and are stripped of all Constitutional Rights, for they are an enemy of America. So if one acts preemptively against one of these threats, is it also “legally” justified?


One thought on “Liberals Are Domestic Terrorists, PERIOD!

  1. Note that the very billionaires support quite a few groups, and will rotate from one leftist group to another to agitate people. For example, it first was black lives matters that was activated, then they deactivated that one and started up antifa. Then antifa was deactivated for a short while and they used la raza. Then they randomly choose another group to activate when the time is right. They keep this cycle on going to keep the pressure on and to feed Huffington Post and other propaganda sites news. Nevermind the many plants they have in most right movements who will start to show their colors anytime now, wouldn’t be surprised if many of them were threatened in some way.

    It still is amazing how the left has changed so radically to supporting big corporate, crony billionaires, more war, all the people & ideas that they supposingly hate, and how easy they forget what their posterboy Obama did.

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