Exclusive: Bernie Sanders Responds To Bank Fraud Charges?

After days of dodging questions about this subject, Uncle Bernie finally responds to the allegations of bank fraud against him and his wife Jane. It may not be what the "Feel The Bern" crowd wants to hear, but at least Bernie comes clean; literally! This is a Ghost.Report exclusive! I hope this puts things in perspective to all those … Continue reading Exclusive: Bernie Sanders Responds To Bank Fraud Charges?


Liberals Are Domestic Terrorists, PERIOD!

How many more Liberal voices have to direct or suggest violence against the political opposition, the President and/or the country before we call it what it is; terrorism! The Democratic party (from Obama downward) have festered and fueled the current political landscape, and should be held accountable for intentionally crippling America to its current state. With Democrats … Continue reading Liberals Are Domestic Terrorists, PERIOD!