CNN & MSM Gets Triggered At POTUS TWEET

CNN and MSM are crying like old broads over a humorous Tweet posted POTUS this morning. Some in the media have called it juvenile, others have accused the President of trying to get someone in the media killed. What is interesting about MSM's up-roar is the role of victim they are attempting to play. The Tweet … Continue reading CNN & MSM Gets Triggered At POTUS TWEET


Liberals Are Domestic Terrorists, PERIOD!

How many more Liberal voices have to direct or suggest violence against the political opposition, the President and/or the country before we call it what it is; terrorism! The Democratic party (from Obama downward) have festered and fueled the current political landscape, and should be held accountable for intentionally crippling America to its current state. With Democrats … Continue reading Liberals Are Domestic Terrorists, PERIOD!

Baller Friday Movie: “Gotti”

Happy Baller Friday! This Baller Friday Movie is called "Gotti," starring Armand Assante, Anthony Quinn and William Forsythe. This movie depicts the rise of New York mob boss John Gotti and how (and why) he murdered Paul Castellano to take over the Gambino crime family. Moreover, it goes into detail about how the Feds took down … Continue reading Baller Friday Movie: “Gotti”

Liberal Terrorism In America; Thanks Democrats!

It was only a matter of time before the violence being advocated by the Left manifested itself into deranged, murderous actions. Liberal and Bernie Sanders supporter, James T. Hodgkinson (66 years old), shot Rep. Steve Scalise and several others during a congressional baseball practice (for charity) in Alexandria, Virginia. Hodgkinson was obsessed with the fanatical rhetoric being … Continue reading Liberal Terrorism In America; Thanks Democrats!