Liberal Terrorism In America; Thanks Democrats!

It was only a matter of time before the violence being advocated by the Left manifested itself into deranged, murderous actions. Liberal and Bernie Sanders supporter, James T. Hodgkinson (66 years old), shot Rep. Steve Scalise and several others during a congressional baseball practice (for charity) in Alexandria, Virginia. Hodgkinson was obsessed with the fanatical rhetoric being churned out by Democrats and its propaganda-based mainstream media. It appears that it may have fueled his violent rampage.

This shooting was preluded by a plethora of violent images, rhetoric and actions glamorized by the American Left. From Kathy Griffin to Shakespeare in the Park depicting Trump as Julius Caesar being assassinated, the violence being openly advocated by Liberals in America is inducing their fanatic followers to act. How long do the civilized People of America have to accept this?

Let’s no forget that Obama’s administration fueled the flames of this division throughout the whole 8 years of its tenure. From inviting Black Lives Matter to the White House to pitting rich against poor, dividing America was modus operandi of the Obama administration. Moreover, Obama’s closest associates are now advocating violence. Remember Loretta Lynch?

Since Liberals have no shame advocating violence on those who don’t agree with their warped political romanticism, is the Right justified to pre-emptively act against such rhetoric out of self-defense? Does the Right need to be proactive against the open threats of violence by the Left? Is the Right justified to assert its Constitutional Rights against such insurrection; by any means necessary?

These are legitimate questions in an age of open violence from the other side. It seems as if Liberals, Democrats and/or the Left would rather see the country destroyed, than live in a society where the People elect their leaders. Doesn’t that technically make them domestic terrorists? And if so, then they DO NOT require a due process of law as defined in the Patriot Act, so start apprehending these Liberal terrorists! For the sake of a civilized America!


3 thoughts on “Liberal Terrorism In America; Thanks Democrats!

  1. If mentally ill and demonic Leftist’s/Liberals/Antifa/SocialJusticeWarriors have abandoned the Ballot Box… Have abandoned the Law, have abandoned reason and truth as their primary tools establishing themselves in open society then You ARE well within both Legal/technical, biblical/theological, philosophical, and moral right’s to dispose of these blatant and unabashed Communist/Faschist Satanic terrorists with Supreme prejudice (on sight)!

    You have the [God Given] right to Life and Liberty!

    And when anyone or {[ANYTHING]} Dares to undermine and destroy those 2 fundamental things in this existence…. (You HAVE the RIGHT to SELF-DEFENCE!/SELF-PRESERVATION!)

    If you asked for my personal opinion regarding this beyond disturbing demonic hate-filled action/crime… The fact is that the men and woman at the levers of power over these long painful years have ZERO Excuse for even allowing the general (ONCE) civilized/orderly society to get to a level of unimaginable irrationality that is now at the point of Pure Unadulterated Satanic MADNESS!

    They ARE COMPLICIT in this grand Satanic conspiracy to destroy your nation/civilisation! As they are as well atrying to sabotage mine!

    And when might becomes right…

    Please… Just protect yourselves oh yee Conservatives/Libertarians, and Centrists, whether your Christian(Regardless of denomination), Judaic(Regardless of denomination), Islamic Reformist, or Pagan(Regardless of denomination/pantheon)….

    Your just Human… And a great and sacred creation of the Great Creator of all of existence, you shouldn’t be living a life of hell!

    May the Devine protection of Our lord, Jesus [Christ] envelope you true believers and Good people everywhere!

    God Speed Ghost!

    God Speed American (U.S.) Patriots!

    God Speed the Capitalist Army!

    God Speed to Jesus’ Christian Army that Gaurd and protect this sacred and blessed Earth and his/her fellow brother/sister!

    Remember we’re all 1 nation, 1 people’s under God!

    For God doesen’t do Identity Politics!

    That’s not his style and nor will it bring any true good…..

  2. Ought to tread carefully with this one. The left has lost everything, and now to regain it they will resort to terrorism, awaiting a similar response in kind from the pro-Trump crowd. Most likely it is a bait to start a civil war which they probably think will result in President Trump being ousted. Ironically it only alienates more and more people from their cause, after all – would you want to be associated with a murderous tyrranical left?

    I might be putting the American authorities (FBI and such) on a pedestal, but I believe that they now have reasons to round up suspicious Antifa and other dangerous group members they have on database.

  3. This all will find its way back to what Ghost said many times before, “Hurt people hurt people.” We have been, as a society, kept in a state of perpetual anger, violence, fear, and hatred. Confusion and chaos is all around us. And if energy is neither created nor destroyed, it only changes forms, then the energy behind these negative emotions are going to manifest itself largely through one’s actions. People just want to cause pain simply because they can; they do not need justification, but that’s all it takes for some to simply snap in a day and age where stress is at an all time high. We’re taught from an early age to advocate violence, from shit as simple as Looney Tunes to violent video games glorifying mass murder and other atrocities, and then we have to ask ourselves, is it any wonder why things like this is happening? Why does it seem like no one cares? In the late 90s, Christians would oft rise against and protest something as harmless as a Marilyn Manson record or the new Slim Shady LP because the violence and messages supposedly derived thereof were a “bad influence”. Look at us now.