Sandy Hook Promise Commercial Proves That School Is The Problem.

Recently while watching television, I came across a very morbid commercial depicting children boasting about their “back-to-school” gear while attempting to flee a supposed mass school shooter. This horrid commercial was produced by an organization calling itself “Sandy Hook Promise,” whose mission statement is to “… unite people of all beliefs and backgrounds who value the protection of children to take meaningful actions in their homes and communities, we will prevent gun violence and stop the tragic loss of life.”

Below is the twisted commercial that “Sandy Hook Promise” is using to “unite people to protect children.”

This commercial hyper-sensationalizes the idea that “school-shootings” are so frequent, that children should attend school with a sense of fear and anxiety. If this is the message that “Sandy Hook Promise” is attempting to convey, then is the problem really “guns?” The regulation of guns is the prime objective of the Sandy Hook Promise organization (an organization that is comprised of 3 managing directors, 8 board of directors and a team of almost 60 people), yet the emphasis of school being a perpetual target of mass violence is completely overlooked. Maybe its the schools?

The fact that the public school system and the prison system look eerily similar is not a coincidence.  Both provide forced and artificial social constructs that use security as a means of control, similar means of feeding (cafeterias), use armed guards, use strict and rigid schedules, enforce dress codes, have zero-tolerance policies and everyone is tracked (in and out of the school facilities). Is it no wonder why such violence is afflicted upon these institutions?

Take the amount of violence in prisons as an example; 19% of all male inmates say they’ve been physically assaulted by other inmates, 21% say they’ve been assaulted by prison staff; not to mention the sexual assaults within the prison system (by inmates and staff). Given the statistics mentioned previous, is it a coincidence that the culmination of such an environment causes prison riots and other mass violence which has become the reality of criminal rehabilitation.

Public schools provide the same template for violence as the prison system, the only difference is that inmates can’t leave the prison to retrieve weapons of mass violence. Yet, no one EVER has a conversation about school itself being the underlying culprit to mass school-shootings and/or violence? The commercial above proves that school provides the social landscape for such violence, is left vulnerable to such violence and/or inspires violence. So why don’t we just eliminate public schools to save the children?

To those who argue that public education is necessary for an intellectual curious society, I point out the “Millennial Generation.” An estimate 500,000 able-bodied Millennial men  are out of the job market because it’s easier to live with their parents. This is a product of public education. So if this is all that public education can inspire, then why are we wasting time, effort and money to mass produce these non-productive members of society (to keep educational bureaucrats gainfully employed with full benefits, tenure and retirement) ?

So save the children from school violence and incompetent educators, and end public education as we know it! Think about it, children spend more of their life with educators and on school campuses than they do with their own family; so who is really responsible for the children? Guns?