CNN & MSM Gets Triggered At POTUS TWEET

CNN and MSM are crying like old broads over a humorous Tweet posted POTUS this morning. Some in the media have called it juvenile, others have accused the President of trying to get someone in the media killed. What is interesting about MSM’s up-roar is the role of victim they are attempting to play. The Tweet in question is of President Trump during his appearance at the WWE. In the altered clip, Trump attacks and assaults Vince McMahon which has a CNN logo super imposed as his head.

As you can see, this was nothing more than Internet humor with a message; that CNN is a fraudulent news network. But of course, CNN and other media talking heads are spinning this as some kind of a threat. Lest we forget the influence CNN has had inspiring Black Lives Matter riots, on fomenting violence against POTUS and passing off completely lies as “real news.”

CNN is in no moral position to play the victim of any kind. They have undermined the 1st Amendment and trampled on the institution of journalism. Moreover, they’ve attempt to coerce the American masses with pure deception, which is called treason from ANY governments’ perspective. America needs to start demanding that CNN be prosecuted for such an attempt at overthrowing the government.

Lastly, if CNN is going to blame ANYONE on any future violence against media personalities, they must remember that they opened this Pandora’s box. And if, God forbid, violence does happen to CNN or MSM, they have no one to blame but themselves. For they have championed this type political madness since Obama was President.


6 thoughts on “CNN & MSM Gets Triggered At POTUS TWEET

  1. 2 More days till your return! I can’t wait for you to give a complete rundown on what has happened while you were away.

  2. If Twitter bans his account for a week for “Inciting violence” they will just be digging their own grave. I can’t say I would be surprised if it happens though.

  3. Between this and “modern day presidential”, we’re back at pre-primary Trump, and I love it. He’s trolling the fuck out of the MSM by doing this.

  4. Hey Ghost, can’t wait until your return tomorrow for Independence Day.
    I’m doing my part as a soldier of the Meme Wars out here, and you people should be too. If nothing else, SPREAD THE VIDEOS OF PROJECT VERITAS! Let everyone know the Russia-Trump propaganda for the past six months has been blown out of the water! Even if you’re just a gamer on the internets and want to troll with purpose, TROLL THESE MORONS! Let them hear the Trump speeches! Blare this shit as you people are playing in online lobbies; even if only a handful of people listen that’s SOMEBODY to open their eyes and ears. These idiots aren’t going out and educating themselves on what’s going on around them; so WE have to do it! Let’s pop the bubbles these folks are living in so they may actually wake the fuck up!

  5. I highly recommend Playing James the patriot O’Keefe’s stunning undercover videos of CNN during your return broadcast and just BTFO the hell out of modern Lame-stream A.K.A. Fake-stream media….

    Hope the break was well worth it and rejuvenating. As well as opportunity-laden for a capitalist such as yourself.

    Infact while your doing the broadcast, phone in someone from CNN or some other propaganda Machine CIA controlled channel and troll the living Sh*t out of them with overwhekming facts! (And the trump tweets for kicks!)

    Call them the traitors that deserve to be tried at the supreme Court/and military tribunal and treasonous Soros MSM propagandists sentenced to either life in prison or the firing squad at the fricken minumum!

    Infact I’d pay to watch someone upload a video online (everywhere) of them doing an actual citizens-arrest of all of CNN/MSNBC/Etc. CEO’s with full handcuffs and sh*t on them!

    That will fucking terrify them to eventual submission!

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