Donald Trump Jr. Was Set-Up By Both Obama & Russia

I told you ALL right after the election on True Capitalist Radio that this Russia-Trump narrative was going to be a potential means of bringing down the Trump administration. Moreover, I said that Putin and Obama were colluding together on the world stage while passing themselves off as enemies. The latest proof of my assessment is the set-up of Donald Trump Jr. and other Trump associates with “Kremlin” lawyer Natalia Veselnitskaya.

The meeting between Trump Jr. and associates with Veselnitskaya allegedly happened on June 9, 2016. So this meeting had to have been known to the Obama administration (he is in charge after all), and yet Obama himself scoffed at the notion of “rigged elections.” Below is of a video of Obama smiling and laughing at a “rigged election” question on August 4, 2016.

This nonchalant statement by Obama couldn’t be any clearer, “Of course the election wont be rigged.” Obama even underscored this on October 8, 2016! But this was before Hillary Clinton lost the election that the Democrats thought they had in the bag. Below is a video of Obama claiming the elections won’t be rigged on October 18 2016, then changing his story completely a month later.

So lets get back to Donald Trump Jr. and his meeting with a Russian lawyer connected to the Kremlin. Its obvious, based on recent e-mail revelations, that Obama knew about this meeting for some time. In fact, there was reports of Russian hacking just days after the June 9. 2016 meeting between Trump Jr. and Veselnitskaya. One of the first reports of Russia hacking came on June 13, 2016 and reported about potential intercepts of Hillary Clinton’s e-mail being released. This report sites anonymous “Intelligence Sources” as the basis for this article.

So in closing, it seems as if Obama, the Democrats and others in his administration set-up Donald Trump Jr as an insurance policy if Donald Trump became President. How do we know this? Well “Kremlin Lawyer” Natalia Veselnitskaya is a Democrat and Anti-Trump operative. The proof was all over her Facebook page before 4chan found it; she has since made her posts private.

But because the mainstream media is in the tank for the political establishment (both Republicans and Democrats), Mr. and Mrs. Joe Sixpack, as a whole, will not know the entire details of this collusion between the Democrats and Russia against Donald Trump. So please spread this article and facts around so that the truth of the Russia conspiracy falls on the lap(s) where it belongs; Obama and the Democrats.


2 thoughts on “Donald Trump Jr. Was Set-Up By Both Obama & Russia

  1. Not surprised here….

    Putin and Obama are the kind of black Op abusing scumbags that would stoop to this political low of basic practical mafia-style insurance/political-maneuvering.

    Rooskies on average play Chess and 4/5-Dimensional Chess better than any American and Euroween dumb@sses!

    Infact in most households of Russia, (especially elite households) regularly enforce a strict teaching of chess to their kids at a very young age so that they can show and improve their mental prowess and a well ash their foresight in events that in most cases have yet to occur…..

    Ghost whether you hate this fact or not; Without your immediate verbal presence on the Internet or Infact on actual radio, we are losing valuable insight on how to effectively and quiclkly hog all the limelight and attention of “joe six-pack” well away from the Mainstream/Fakestream media.

    Come on man where are you?

    Your going AWOL on major anti-propaganda initiatives that underway General Ghost….

    Now’s not the time to drown your sorrow and disgust of this world!

    That part of life comes Much later!

    I of all people should NOT be the one to tell you this straight to your face, but…:
    Get back on the Podcast General!

    Your mere voice/and presence triggers the hell out of Leftist Special snowflakes and Poz-holes like no other on Internet-Radio alone.

    There are just too many fronts being fought simultaneously without any decent and focused effort online and/or Offline from our side!

    Most of the chaos battalion requires some serious direction to seriously mess up, if not Destroy the Fake News Industrial complex’s lies, propaganda, and constant obfuscations!