It’s Never Too Late For Capitalism…

To all those who feel that you’re in a position of helplessness and feel trapped by your surroundings, always know that Capitalism will set you free. Doesn’t matter who you are or how old you are, Capitalism mixed with ambition and skill will give to you far more than you can imagine. It’s up to YOU to figure out how to apply it to your life.

Below is a video of the story of KFC founder “Colonel Sanders.” Sanders had a turbulent life with lots of misfortune and nothing to show for it but a $105 a month Social Security check when he “retired.” Feeling worthless, Sanders planned to commit suicide. When he began to write his suicide note, he noticed ALL the things he had NOT done or accomplished in his life. And the rest is history…

It’s never too late for Capitalism! You can carve out your own destiny with your will and skill. Sanders used a simple fried chicken recipe to reinvent his life. The difference between you and him? He was committed and never gave up; no matter what! Always remember, no one will GIVE YOU ANYTHING!

The trick to Capitalism is easy. Everyone in Western society is walking around with money in their pockets. All you have to do is persuade them to voluntarily give it to you, and have them walk away feeling good about giving you their money. If you can successfully replicate this formula, then the sky is the limit on how much money you can make.

You’re welcome…



3 thoughts on “It’s Never Too Late For Capitalism…

    1. Feeling the Boiyne yet? XD

      Certainly would do wonders on his presidential standings and his aptitude for the job of a president of largest company/nation… A.K.A. The U.S.A.!


  1. I want to do this, but not for money. More because I feel like having a successful business would add so much more value and satisfaction to my life. I realise I’m just talking about myself here, but surely I can’t be the only one on earth that feels that way?


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