Grand Jury For Robert Mueller’s “Lapses in Judgement” Before 9-11?

Since former FBI director Robert Mueller is clearly politicizing his position as independent council to investigate this bogus Russia/Trump connection, its time to start asking serious questions that were too delicate to ask a decade ago. First and foremost, this subpoena issued by Mueller for Don Trump Jr because of a clear lapse in judgement which amounted to absolutely nothing, shows true hypocrisy on Mueller’s part.

President Trump has recently signed Congress’s introduced sanctions against Russia, which completely negates any notion of any Russia/Trump collusion. Moreover, I’ve written about how Russia and the Democrats set up Don Trump Jr with this “Kremlin-connected lawyer; facts which Mueller is obviously ignoring deliberately. Instead, Mueller is working with the political and media establishments to foment the Russia/Trump narrative that they’ve been propagating since President Trump was elected in November 2016.

Since Mueller is blatantly ignoring facts, then lets stop being silent out of national courtesy about Robert Mueller’s role as an incompetent FBI director prior to the attacks on 9-11-2001. As a matter of fact, Mueller himself admitted in 2002 that HIS lapses in judgement may have caused the 9-11 attacks. Why hasn’t their been any grand jury subpoena into these admitted “lapses in judgement” which horrifically ended the lives of THOUSANDS OF AMERICANS? Are incompetent bureaucrats immune to any kind of accountability? Is this why the FBI saved Hillary Clinton with her e-mail scandal?

Americans need to really be aware that the political, media and the “deep state” classes are clearly out for themselves based on their actions. American lives are insignificant when it comes to their motives and/or covering up their incompetence. President Trump, based on his actions, clearly cares about the economic prosperity and continuity of American values. President Trump has ended the international fleecing of U.S. tax dollars which was written into law by the same classes trying to stop him. If you don’t realize by now that there is a consortium of soulless individuals working to dissect America out of existence; then you’re a part it whether you are consciously aware of it or not.


2 thoughts on “Grand Jury For Robert Mueller’s “Lapses in Judgement” Before 9-11?

  1. This situation, today’s facts, are the VERY REASON for the Second Amendment. My cold dead hands will be wrapped around their broken Federal or UN necks, when all is said and done.