LGBTQ Slippery Slope? Man Wants To Become Genderless Alien.

In a previous article in which I highlighted the organized LGBTQ movement’s ambition towards children, I asked the readers, ” What’s next?” It seems that people within the LGBTQ movement are moving the bounds of morality simply for vindictive shock value, or these people are suffering the side-effects of psychosis due to being infected with HIV/AIDS. Either way, the more disgustingly perverted the LGBTQ gets, the more support they lose from sympathetic supporters.

Just when you thought you’ve seen it all, the LGBTQ comes up with more disturbing ways to take its “movement.” Below is a video of a man who wants to become a “genderless alien.” Now remember, if you are repulsed or appalled by this person, then according to the LGBTQ movement, then you are a homophobic bigot.

As you can see, this slippery slope continues on this downward fall towards the ridiculously perverted. If you listen at around 4:00, this genderless alien talks about wanting to adopt children. Now what is it about the LGBTQ movement and their infatuation with children? One can only assume, based on how they define their existence on how the like to have sex, the LGBTQ has a sexually nefarious motive for this children fetish.

Regardless how one justifies it, this LGBTQ slippery slope continues and will not stop. They got hate crime bills, new definition of marriage and the general acceptance of America; not even these special privileges (not equality) can pacify the perverted appetite of these people. So unless voices on the civilized side of the LGBTQ start denouncing these type of freaks from their community, their movement will take a giant step back. And when that happens, the majority of people are not going to care. For the evidence of LGBTQ’s past will speak for itself in the future.


3 thoughts on “LGBTQ Slippery Slope? Man Wants To Become Genderless Alien.

  1. This…male? is the stereotypical feminine youth that is prevalent in my generation. What’s next? I was thinking at this point, just considering the possibility that before too long you’re going to start seeing communities of “aliens” from Star Wars and Star Trek universes as they’re already fetishized in pop culture. And what about beastiality? Is it still technically beastiality if one “feels”like getting a sex change into an animal? (E.G., male feels like he’s a dog so he has a sex change and hair growth therapy)? And before anyone says that what I’m saying is an exaggeration, what more Proof do we need? This is evidence that you shouldn’t have more cash than brains. This freak could be doing something with that cash other than deballing himself and getting plastic surgery because he has an alien probing fetish or something. If you’re asexual, great. Good for you. You wanna be a eunich? Great. But really? Going over halfway across the globe to get a possible castration surgery in the backroom of a seedy Thai brothel just to prove a point is fucking lunacy. And I find it odd he just outs “I’m not really interested in anyone — I’m just interested in kids and children and I’m not gonna regret it when I’m a ball-less geezer at 70″…
    The fuck is wrong with people?

  2. Mental illness/Delusion at its finest! And probably a demonic illness of the soul too……

    People should now know that majority of these LGBTQP community is a mental ward of pure demonic Freaks!

    And yes if your reading what I added at the end, is what this movement will lead to… Pedophilia….

    If your not against the sexual/biological suicide of Homosexuality, Transgenderism or Bestiality….

    Then Like Ghost said in his past Broadcasts, “The last line in the sand as a moral society is the issue of Pedophilia.”

    This truly is the last red line, if you accept it then you’ve truly become a Hellishly depraved society worse than Sodom and Gamorah was in the distant past….

    If your dead against this worst perversion of sexuality and method of Absolute political control/Power like I am!

    Then Hallelujah! Your Still a F#%king functioning human soul with an intact Moral Compass/conscious that I will respect and welcome in my house!


    If you cannot protect the innocent…. That is… That you can’t defend (for whatever reason) A F#%king a Child/infant and you as a sentient and fully sapient human person embrace/rationalize this Crime…. (Of which it is one of the most darkest and heinous crimes to commit in this world…)

    This canabalising and preying of the most vulnerable of OUR OWN KIND/KIN because you have a mental/demonic disorder of the highest order that you can’t be bothered to turn immediately to The Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ and his fellow servants on Earth for Real Help with this curse….

    Then I’d like to join in chorus with what Mr. Ghost said not too long ago on Twitter: “KILL YOURSELF!”

    You’re no longer Human….. BEGONE!