MSM Changes Narrative To POTUS’s Tweets; Not Their Russia LIES!

It seems as if the mainstream media is attempting to change the narrative from CNN being caught lying about the Trump-Russia connection, to what POTUS is Tweeting. Early this morning, POTUS Tweeted the following about Joe Scarborough and Mika Brzezinski; hosts of the MSNBC propaganda show “Morning Joe.”

Once again, the Leftist media is attempting to use the smokescreen of political correctness to chastise POTUS. Not considering that Joe Scarborough used to be considered a friend to the President; that was until Joe and Mika started sleeping with each other (sleeping with your co-worker, how original). Lest we forget, Mika Brzezinski is the daughter of Zbigniew Brzezinski, who helped create the foreign policies of Lyndon B. Johnson, Jimmy Carter and Barack Obama. Zbigniew also stated the following; which should give everyone insight on what kind of a person he was.

So imagine this diabolical man raising his daughter Mika? Do you think he raised Mika to be a delicate flower who would have a nervous breakdown over POTUS’s Tweets quoted above? Zbigniew was a scholar in International Relations, and Political Science was his life; did he not attempt to pass on his Globalist ideology to his daughter? These are valid questions, for she seems to have influenced the once Right-Wing Scarborough into a hipster Leftist cutout (with glasses and all). Hence, Joe turning on his friendship with Donald Trump.

With all this in mind, why shouldn’t the President take a jab at someone or ANYONE who betrays even the most basic friendship loyalties? Moreover, why is MSM shaping these Tweets by POTUS as “sexists” and/or an “assault” on Mika? It’s because the media is grasping a straws to close the curtain behind their blatant Trump-Russia fraud. And they are attempting to use the last shreds of “political correctness” to sway the public away from MSM’s attempted political coercion.

Thankfully there are still some in the media who see right through this veil of deception, and now are starting to point the “Russia connection” finger where it belongs; at the Democrats. Below is a recent interview conducted by Fox’s Maria Bartiromo with Clinton operative John Podesta. Watch how Podesta becomes flustered and evasive when Bartiromo presses about how Democrats have a closer connection to the Russians than President Trump.

And this is where the REAL STORY is! The Democrats are trying to deflect the “Russia narrative” from sticking to them by projecting it to their political opposition. This is classic Clinton-based politricks. So the MSM can take their red herring reporting and shove it up their dishonest poz-holes! They have been busted for deliberately acting as an enemy of the State by attempting such mass coercion that could have put the stability of the country at risk. They all should be in JAIL!


One thought on “MSM Changes Narrative To POTUS’s Tweets; Not Their Russia LIES!

  1. OH boy…. Podesta the Pedresta demon is getting his jimmies rustled here by someone literally named Maria…..

    (Mother of God….)

    Our great God has some rather astonishing memetic consistency in getting real live great woman with such names in crushing the heads of well known Pizza-loving Serpants/demonic-dragons and many other degenerates of Satans ilk…..

    Fuck him! And his lieing Pizzatard/Pedotard jagoff self!

    We are still awaiting for this man’s imprisonment for Seth Rich’s murder! As well as the fricken DNC accomplices involved!

    Please Trump, pressure the DOJ to Jail Their vile Satanic @$$E$!