Youtube’s Vidcon Encapsulates All That’s Wrong With America

Since I’m an Internet content creator, I occasionally patronize other creators’ content to see what the general public finds interesting. I decided to watch some YouTubers who were at Vidcon this year, only to be slapped in the face with pure prepubescent cringe. I could not believe the amount of autism that was prevalent & championed at this convention. Moreover, the attention whoredom was so immense, it reminded me of the life losers who attention whore on True Capitalist Radio.

Below is a clip of the YouTube streamer Ice Poseidon (whose a creepy Autist himself) at Vidcon. Notice the amount of young children at this event and the lengths they’ll go to get ANY kind of attention. On a side note, I’m prognosticating that Ice Poseidon will be the next YouTuber mixed up in some underage scandal, for how he and some of his party were interacting with these kids at Vidcon was very disturbing and inappropriate.

As you can see, Vidcon is an attention whore convention for children. Where were the parents of these kids? They were seen at the hotel bars located within the vicinity of the convention, while their children act like complete idiots and document it all for posterity. Not knowing that one day, they will have to go out into the real world and EARN a living while these videos will forever document their stupidity for all potential employers to see.

The disturbing trend on the Internet is ATTENTION of ANY kind; no matter positive or negative. It’s obvious that the youth of today are longing for attention which they’re not getting at home, so the Internet provides a false sense of social achievement. The problem is that a “subscriber” or a “like” is nothing but a mere click. It’s not a genuine signal of one’s appreciation or a validation of social conquest; its just a freaking click! Vidcon demonstrates where our entertainment fetished society is headed, unless some of us shine the spotlight on this mass Munchausen syndrome.

I would also like to add that YouTuber adults were intermixed with these kid at Vidcon. Lest we forget that YouTubers have become notorious for using the platform to solicit inappropriate sexual advances towards their underage fanbase. So factor that in with all these kid who will do ANYTHING for attention; get it now?


5 thoughts on “Youtube’s Vidcon Encapsulates All That’s Wrong With America

  1. I’m not an American so I don’t care whether America lives or dies (neither am I an European and I won’t nothing but the EU’s complete and total collapse, the Brits who voted for Brexit are cool, but I digress), I agree that negative people should be either have a rebuttal or be ignored, and same treatment should be reserved to negative moments (words, actions) in positive/neutral people’s lives. When bad/negative behaviour is rewarded (in this case, with attention) it only gets worse. Yeah, I guess “rewarding negative behaviour” is a major problem in America but it certainly is a major problem all over the world too.

    What I strongly disagree with and reject is that idea that an employer should not only analyze his or her potentional employee’s professional, but also personal life. Not only Internet should be left alone in a work/business side of the world, but so should also be prison record or lack thereof, and educational background or lack thereof. If someone is good at his or her job he or se should be hired even if their personal life is a f..king clown show. Thank you so much for reading.

    Oh and also I wanted to say that everyone who frequent and/or enjoys Reddit is an autistic who laughs at his or her jokes, and should be in all possible ways be mistreated and shunned, other than, in my opinion, in his or her professional life, if he or she is a badass professional that should be no issue even if he is a piece of shit Reddit user. It’s as leftist and as combative as Tumblr and I genuinely don’t underrstand how they have the nerve to criticize Tumblr for anything at all. Probably worst of all, they believe that freedom of speech shouldn’t exist on websites (because hey, Reddit is a private corporation and according to them only government can censor and corporations can’t, even if they do) and report forums (on Reddit) that they don’t like to the main admins so that they can delete them. I think that it’s either not censorship whether a government or a website does it (twitter, reddit, youtube, and all the rest of it), or it’s cencorship whether a government or a corporation does it. But it’s not even about their “double standard” type argument even though I disagree with it, but more about how they repeat this argument like it’s a mantra and they’re a cult, which to be honest they are, and also they’re a lot more monolithic than they think (in my opinion), whether one browses the “politics” section (which is incorrectly named and is for hardcore Hillary Clinton supporters and not about politics per se) or “the Donald” section (for Trump supporters but with jokes I would be ashamed if I ever laughed at, they’re the type of joke that someone who likes at his or her joke, while coming up with it, makes), they’re all the same with exactly the same opinions and exactly the same bullls..t cultish mantra type talking points which they repeat as if it’s “arguing” or “conversating”, but it’s not.

    But then, both Youtube and Reddit are probably owned by George Soros anyway so it’s a difference without a difference, thank you for reading, and have a nice day.

    1. Well, business owners have the right to decide the type of people they want to employ. A business owner can reject job applications if they want, for any reason. I don’t think I would want to hire someone if they had a big criminal record, or if there were videos of them online being attention whores.

      Why employ someone with a big criminal record, or a history of wierd online videos when you could hire a normal hard working person?

      Also, just fyi, I really dislike censorship on the internet.

      However, as far as your 1st amendment rights, only the government can infringe on your constitutional rights.

      A private company has the right to censor or ban you for any reason. Which is why it’s important to support sites that grant its users actual free speech.

      1. >A business owner can reject job applications if they want, for any reason. I don’t think I would want to hire someone if they had a big criminal record, or if there were videos of them online being attention whores.

        Difference of opinion. 🙂 I think it’s irrelevant what people do in their personal lives, but yeah it’s not illegal not to hire them.

  2. No kidding Ghost…

    The fact that a fraud like Anita Sarkeesian was even invited to a (anti cyber harassment panel) is already grounds for a full boycott…..

    I saw how she had blatantly broke the conventions own rules on professional behaviour and still wasn’t banned after her insulting comments to people like Sargon of Akkad and Boogie (Good lord I can’t believe I’m defending that virtue signalling fool right now…) and the degrading behaviour she showed to her other detracters…..

    It’s time to push and teend a viral movement saying no more attention to VidCON, #BoycottVidCON!

    And also pitch and pressure advertisers to Vidcon to pull funding from the Vlog brothers/Vidcon creators out of sheer principle.

    Like how SquattyPotty co. and Bank of America did with Kathy ‘ISIS’Griffon.