James O’Keefe & Project Veritas Expose CNN As Fake News

The dedicated Patriots at Project Veritas never cease to amaze me with their undercover journalistic work. James O’Keefe recently presented the world with video evidence, coming directly from CNN producer’s mouths, that the Trump-Russia narrative was “bull shit.” O’Keefe’s operatives got CNN producers to admit that not only did they know the Trump-Russia story was bogus, but purposely kept running with the narrative specifically for ratings.

Below is part one of a video series produced by Project Veritas exposing CNN for what it is; very fake news. While watching this, keep in mind that this is the same network that fueled Black Lives Matter riots, claimed “exclusive rights” to Wikileak’s material because CNN was “real journalism,” have CIA operatives as actual “journalists,” attempted to sway the 2016 Presidential election with lies and other nefarious activities that I’ve failed to mention. At this point, ANYONE looking to CNN for news and information should be considered insane.

After looking at this damning piece of footage, I can’t help but notice (once again) that another “poz-hole” is connected with these type of Leftist coercive activities. Much like how O’Keefe exposed Scott Foval (HIV positive Democrat operative) and the poz-holes who attempted to plan a terrorist attack at Trump’s inauguration at Comet Pizza (of all places), there seems to be an obvious pattern developing.

It seems as if people with HIV/AIDS have a tendency to participate in and/or lead the most deceptive, nefarious and dangerous Leftist activities imaginable. It is scientifically proven that HIV/AIDS affects mental health; so why is society not having a serious discussion about this?

How much more evidence do we need to realize that people with HIV/AIDS are not only biologically toxic, but mentally vindictive and venomous? Our society is ignoring this issue so much, that now having HIV/AIDS is the equivalent to activism. Hence, the “drag queen” who was praised for its activism for wearing a jacket coated with HIV infected blood.

I can now see why Jack and his Twitter team banned me for life from their social media platform for habitually using the term “poz-hole.”  It seems as if people afflicted with HIV/AIDS not only are in positions of power, but they are also taking out their bad sexual decision making out on the world. As I’ve always said; hurt people, hurt people. So how many more people have to get hurt before society begins to have an adult relationship with the Truth?

One thought on “James O’Keefe & Project Veritas Expose CNN As Fake News

  1. This beyond mad and Retarded World/Society (as a whole) will never do this discussion. Infact never truly aknowledge this fact.

    They’ve rejected King of Kings: Jesus Christ… The Son of the Living God of this existence!

    The Way, the Truth, and the Life.

    After this act of sheer idiocy, It all goes down, down, dowwnnnn….hill from here Mr. Ghost….

    It’s beyond obvious people with such Poz-hole diseases/mental-illnesses should be immediately barred from ANY position of power/influence.
    And should be continually barred until we Sane, actually mentally functioning human beings find out what is their major malfunction…..