Andrew Gillum Campaign Exposed!

How is Florida supporting an incompetent, criminalistic liar in Andrew Gillum? What does this say about the population of Florida? Aside from being investigated by the FBI, Andrew Gillum's governor campaign has been exposed by Project Veritas for being disingenuous (to say the least) on his true intentions for Florida. In the video below, Gillum … Continue reading Andrew Gillum Campaign Exposed!


James O’Keefe & Project Veritas Expose CNN As Fake News

The dedicated Patriots at Project Veritas never cease to amaze me with their undercover journalistic work. James O'Keefe recently presented the world with video evidence, coming directly from CNN producer's mouths, that the Trump-Russia narrative was "bull shit." O'Keefe's operatives got CNN producers to admit that not only did they know the Trump-Russia story was … Continue reading James O’Keefe & Project Veritas Expose CNN As Fake News